David Oyedepo is arguably one of the richest pastors in Nigeria. His net worth estimates from one hundred million dollars to two hundred million dollars. David Oyedepo’s house and cars are the most precious toys for him! How did he become so wealthy and famous? How can a man of God live such a luxurious life?

David Oyedepo is an Educationist, Pastor, Author, Founder and Minister of Living Faith Church Worldwide. The headquarters of the organization are located at the Canaan Land of Ogun State. David Oyedepo foundation is the Faith Tabernacle – the biggest church auditorium with over 50 000 capacities.

David Oyedepo was born on the 27th of September in Omu-Aran, Kwara State of Nigeria. His father was a Muslim healer, and his mother was a member of the Eternal Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement. Therefore, the future richest pastor was born in the mix religion family. Still, the high discipline to God was nurtured by his grandmother. She was his guidance to God. She helped him to find God in his heart and church.

Bishop David Oyedepo officially dedicated his life to Christ in 1969. The woman who helped him to know God was his teacher – Betty Lasher. The Bishop studied architecture at Kwara State University. After school, he worked briefly with the Federal Ministry of Housing.

In 1981, he created the Church of Living Faith Church World Wide. At first, it was called the Liberation Faith Hour Ministries. Five years later, Bishop David Oyedepo started to work with the Living Faith Church World. He managed to become one of the most popular pastors in the world. He has written a lot of books about God and himself. The Church provided him millions of dollars that he likes to spend on everything exquisite and luxury.

Davide Oyedepo receives gifts to his church. There are not only money but also cars. Several thousand cars were donated to his church. Only in 2014, he requested his followers to pledge him 200 new Prado Jeeps for ministry purposes. However, it was noticed that several Jeeps he took by himself. One Prado Jeep price was around eleven million Naira. It`s hard to find out who the donors of the jeeps are but it`s certainly astonishing. A lot of high-rank members of the church used these Jeeps for their own purposes.

It was not the last straw about David Oyedepo cars. In 2013, around seven hundred exotic cars were donated to the church. There were not cheap, the brands of cars included Jeep, Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes. Some of these cars became personal ownings of the high members of the church.

Some of the cars were sold to the church, like three-four million Naira Jeep could be sold for only three-four hundred thousand Naira. Moreover, David Oyedepo cars could also be sold beyond the limits of the church, not only by the Bishop but also by some of his followers. Of course, he justified the action as the gift to his own members – if people couldn`t buy such a car, so why wouldn`t we sell it by the affordable price?

Moreover, David Oyedepo criticized some car dealers, so they took advantage of buying and selling these cars from the church. He insisted that they would return the money for sold cars to the church. A lot of people managed to buy the cars from him in the Church of David Oyedepo.

It`s an interesting way to give away donations and take donations again. Still, he claimed that this auction was provided in the service of God and its followers. Technically – it`s impossible to know who are the donators of the David Oyedepo cars. Still, there is a question – if the cars were donated, why did he need to sell them? Even by the low price?

Why should a Pastor of God drive just a car, when he can use a personal plane? The personal plane of David Oyedepo costs about 100 million dollars. All of this sum was given to the church as donations. He once provided the information to the media that this jet was needed by his church.

Nevertheless, if it was needed by the whole church – why is he the only one who uses it? Are others members of the church allowed to use the jet? Even if they can use it – do they want the money for the church would be given away to buy a personal jet? Why didn’t the Pastor use this money to help the poor people as he promised?

It`s impossible to own a personal jet and few cars without owning a house to store everything. David Oyedepo has a house where media news and even his own followers are rear guests. Moreover, he does not have just one house! One of his latest purchases is 450 million Naira mansion in the industrial layout Amuwo Odofin in Lagos.

Another of his expensive purchase is 50-bedroom office complex of “City of David” it`s not a coincidence that the city was named after himself. This complex is established in Canaanland and worth about eight million dollars. Take a look at these David Oyedepo house picture!

David Oyedepo is also an owner of the house of ten million dollars’ worth. It`s situated near the ocean.

David Oyedepo clearly uses the funds of the church on his needs. Still, he also constructed several buildings and facilities for his church. One of the latest facilities is The Faith Theatre which has the capacity of 100 000 seats. Nevertheless, why does he preaches about poverty and problems in the society, while he lives a luxury life? Does he have double standards to the way how his followers should live and how he should live?

Elsie Halima Ijorogu

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