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The last may not have heard of the alleged scam called oil and gas training said to be organized by the Member, representing Abak/Etim Ekpo/Ika Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr.Emmanuel Ekon.

Some of the trainees who confided in our medium said, Emman Ekon has been deceiving people into believing that he is training the youths on oil and gas, when he is trying to frustrate their futures.

One of the trainees said, what is the use of training without employment/empowerment? He further said, he knew many persons that came back from Ekon’s oil and gas training in Lagos since early last year and are still at home.

“My problem is, why move someone that was doing fairly well, he or she abandons everything, leaves for Lagos, under pitiable conditions, gets the training and returns back to square zero in the name of waiting on batches?

Knowing training and skills acquisition to be what it is, the longer the person stays out of practical, the tendency to forget and some have been out for close to a year now.

Train what you can facilitate opportunities for shikena. The Tier 1 and Tier 2 training they had, can’t take them anywhere, the machines they worked with can’t be afforded by peasants like them, so without facilitating opportunities for them at the companies, the training is useless as we have all seen.” A source was quoted as saying.

Another source said, we know Ekon’s antics, how he has been deceiving the youths, thinking he will get a third term. We know him better than he knows himself, with his deceitful and insincere style of politics. Ekon should show us the development he has brought to the Federal Constituency since 2011. The source queried.

Reacting, Media Aide to Ekon said, on the contrary, the employment of those trainees are in batches. Please make further findings, some of the trainees are gainfully employed in multinationals and oil/gas facilities across the nation. Efforts are being made to absorb more trainees.

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