Just who does Emmanuel Ekon think he is?

Does he really think that he, or anyone he can possibly hire, to write derogatorily about the elders of Abak Federal constituency, are smarter than the collective desires of the good people of Abak Federal Constituency to choose whoever they really want should represent them at the Green Chambers come 2019. It is totally absurd for Emmanuel Ekon to think he is smarter than the entire people of Abak Federal Constituency by incessantly sponsoring demeaning and insulting write ups against the elders of Abak Federal Constituency, especially the likes of the National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, Barr Emmanuel Enoidem and Mr. Aniekan Umanah, on the social media as is seen constantly authored by his cronies and also against the same people he is shopping votes from. The most recent being his attack on Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rally at Abak, where he frontally referred to elders as imbeciles and power drunk et al, a name calling that is aimed at ridiculing the elders of Abak Federal Constituency.

The generality of the people of Abak Federal Constituency have taken their stand, they have decided and are ready to express and demonstrate same with their PVCs on the election day. They have chosen competence against ineptitude, they have chosen a man with the intellectual capacity, the technocratic know-how, legislative acumen to represent them at the lower chambers – Mr. Aniekan Umanah

Therefore, no amount of insult on elders, intimidation of the electorate and demeaning of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rallies in Abak Federal Constituency would deter or dissuade the people. The people of Abak Federal Constituency knows WHAT and WHO they really want come 2019, they are ready to choose intellectual sagacity over dumbness, practical youth empowerment over training deceit. A man with social capital over imbecilic representation, sustainable manifesto over cheap talk, historical lies and empty promises.

Watchfully, there have been many strange and horrific strands to Emmanuel Ekon’s campaign of “calumny” both online as regularly authored by his Aides and even his physical appearances on the field. In some ways there are still many dark murky elements that Emmanuel Ekon has been putting forth in almost all his statements on his rally and campaign grounds, and not least in his social media articulations. To say the least, confusion is a very polite word to characterize his political manifestos and articulations, Moreso, Emmanuel Ekon does not even have a manifesto.

In all his appearances, Emmanuel Ekon capitalizes on an invisible oil training. More recently as an example, is Ekon’s shallow speech in Etim Ekpo, where various crazy ideas and efforts at deceiving the people with unspecified “Help and Training”, without any recourse to the collective sensibility of the people as to why he has not been able to hold constituency briefings over the years, why his representativeness lack citizenship participation and engagement. He keeps taking the people through illusion and sheer emptiness. Almost all the time, Ekon most importantly shows complete emptiness in thoughts and plans, total disdain for the people whose mandate he is enjoying, deep disregard for trust and truth on the people’s mandate in which he hold as a social contract. Lacks a realistic and sane view of the actual demands, needs and yearnings of the people of Abak Federal Constituency. Lacks direction as to where he is taking the people. Emmanuel Ekon is most clueless with an unquantifiable ineptness. That he has been there (in the Green chambers) twice now, has always been a case of riding on the wings of godfatherism, but now the people of Abak Federal Constituency are ready to take their destinies in their hands by electing who they really want.

It is in this dark context that Emmanuel Ekon should be advised to engage in a campaign of issues and not blackmail, campaign of manifesto and not emptiness, campaign of substance not insult, campaign of legitimate support of the people and not what God’swill Akpabio would do to make him emerge again.

And again, Emmanuel Ekon’s third term is widely against the wishes of the people, lacking in justice, fairness and equity to the people of Abak Federal Constituency. That is why the people are ready to fight for the soul of Abak Federal Constituency. Another chance for Ekon means a complete disaster for the people of Abak as he would only represent his pocket in readiness to fly back to the United States where he came from. Saner minds are not oblivious of this fact and hence are ready to resist and stop it from happening. The people are ready and the people’s might would triumph over imposition.

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