A former Minister of Aviation, Mr.Osita Chidoka, has stated that, Billionaire businessman, Arthur Eze, was committed to establishing a university. Chidoka stated this, after a meeting with Artgur Eze, to persuade him to make the university project a reality.

He said, “Few days ago I continued on my self imposed task of engaging Igbo Billionaires to start secondary schools, Polytechnics, Universities or adopt an existing one for full funding. I met with Prince Arthur Eze at his residence in Enugu to follow up and encourage him in his quest to establish a University. We have had this discussion over the past 5 years and gradually got to the point were he has committed to establishing one now.

Arthur is an interesting and intriguing personality. His generosity is legendary and his world view an outcome of his maverick nature.

We have an agreement. Eze na Ukpo has committed to the university project. I will help (at no cost) in the effort to twin the school with a foreign university and ensure the Engineering school is of a world standard (he is a US trained Engineer).

Before Warren Buffet started his Giving Away project,The Giving Pledge, Arthur had always talked about the futility of keeping wealth. He had always insisted that he will give away his vast fortune before death and he is doing that.

Yesterday at the Cathedral of Good Shepard Enugu he gave a Cheque of 20 million Naira and asked that the Church should take 10M and share 10M to all the poor people who came to church. Again he asked all rich people to give away to the less privileged.

The university must happen. I will continue to engage him to Stay focused and avoid the ever present distractions he faces.

Hopefully I will get the other Billionaires, known to me, to commit soon. Education is the key to the future competitiveness of the South East and Nigeria.

Investing in education or subsidizing it for those who can’t afford it, is the best investment of all times.”

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