Abasiama Umoh

Pythagoras – An Ionian Greek Philosopher, Mathematician and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism, once said, and I quote “Strength of the mind rest in sobriety, for this keeps your reason unclouded by passion and commitment”.

One of the paradoxes of the current fixation with partisan political debates and controversies is the tendency to lose sight of some sublime and era – defining achievements taking place in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP – The claiming and reclaiming of mandates and lost grounds inclusive. The increasing vindicative victories, especially in Zamfara and Akwa Ibom States.

Going forward, time and again, ‘ordinary ‘ people, led by men and women with uncommon vision are busy doing great things that not only impact on the present but also hold the key to unlocking the future greatness of the society in which they live. These leaders are the dreamers. To them, once placed in a position of responsibility and call of duty, they push beyond the limits, exploring new horizons that will lead to greater heights of achievement.

Fundamentally, within the current political dispensation, such leaders endeavour to stay away from public controversies. When they are seen, it is for the right reason, if they are involved in any controversy, it has to do strictly with their official duties. They are usually the pacesetters, who engenders paradigm shifting commitment, they are the record breakers who create something out of nothing.

I make bold to say that, with particular reference to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and in this political dispensation, one of such persons that is worthy of a generous mention is the National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem. For effect, my assessment of him is not based on hearsay as many would conceive or things I picked up from the floor and media. Rather, it is an honest portrayal of my observations based on a prolonged period of close followership, which I have gathered first hand, some of the proud achievements and attributes of this erudite and eloquent legal luminary.

From my intimate observations, I am most convinced, without equivocation, that chroniclers of political history will remember Emmanuel Enoidem as one of the greatest revelations of the Peoples Democratic Party, mostly at a critical time as this during his saddle as the National Legal Adviser.

Most apparently also, my assessment of this fine gentleman, the National Legal Adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party, Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, has nothing to do with his physical appearance, as it is very easy for one to miss him in a crowd given his very unassuming disposition. Rather, his flawless and enchanting delivery on radio, National Television and other interview programmes, as he marshals the various glaring cluelessness and ineptness of this present administration, the incompetence of the present leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to lead Nigeria and Nigerians to the shores of glory and national advancement. Enoidem sees the present crop of APC leadership as most clueless, most incompetent, leading Nigeria to the middle of nowhere and he makes no mistake about it. To great and discerning minds, his claims are as reasonable as they are justifiable.

During the last general elections, Emmanuel Enoidem, was easily and essentially seen as the face of commitment towards the successful emergence of Governor Udom Emmanuel, the victory of PDP at home and its attendant progress at the national level. At the National, he was not also missing in action, as he was regularly seen side by side the party chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, exuding the needed charisma, energy and commitment required of a team player to win elections. His commitment at home and at the national front was second to none. One then stops by to ask where he purchases extra energy for the multi dimensional and numerous task before him, because up until now, he seems to posses an unusual dimension of capacity and nuance that defy reason even in the face of multiple tribunal proceedings that he physically needs to be present.

As a firm believer in the redeemability of the Nigeria society possible only in the hands of the Peoples Democratic Party, he has continued to relentlessly and tirelessly reiterated that Nigeria is drifting to the precipice, and not in safe hands with APC at the helms of leadership. That discerning and long suffering Nigerians had known all along, that the ruling All Progressives Congress, which had promised to bring prosperity to Nigerians, had brought only mass pauperisation, untold hardship, political witch-hunt and incessant avoidable national embarrassment, which according to him, “the remedy was to throw them out during the last general elections”. However, he is working assiduously towards ensuring that power returns to the PDP, which is the most reason his commitment to democracy and solidarity with those who are committed to honest government in Nigeria has been unflinching ever since he came on the saddle as the National Legal Adviser of PDP. He has been a committed party man who has paid his dues and as well remain an ardent proponent of democracy.

Finally, for me as a person, he is a symbol of patriotism and commitment to the Peoples Democratic Party and Nigeria at large, my role model where commitment is in view, because of his fierce dedication to forestalling democracy with its attendant dividends, which lies only with the Peoples Democratic Party, back to the people. Quite impressively also, this degree of commitment and focus can sure be described as exemplary.

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