Dr Mrs Maria Ikorok. You know her? You remember her? The new Akwa Ibom lady with a name synonymous with fraud, scam and famous with turning due process of any recruitment drive to dupe process. Before you begin to doubt, let’s go down memory lane.

As Chairman State Secondary Education Board, she superintended the infamous recruitment of 5000 Akwa Ibom graduates as teachers during the Akpabio’s uncommon era that was named “Fraudulent” by Governor Udom Emmanuel who was SSG then . Lest you forget, the same Governor who said the process was marred by widespread irregularities rewarded the same woman responsible for the scam with an appointment as SUBEB chair as compensation for a job well done.

She has another mandate on 2017. Preside again over a fake recruitment of 3000 NCE Teachers in another process that is too free but very unfair from the outset as the process has already failed before it began.

At State College in Ikot Ekpene where applicants from Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District were expected to collect the application forms, it has been tale of sadness and sorrow, hoping against hope and despondency in the midst of faith.

About 5 applicants slumped and were rushed to the hospital on Monday. Their crime: Wanting to get recruitment forms to be gainfully employed in a state where they are only statistics for election and not stakeholders in the Akwa Ibom project.

Mind you, those who will get the job or have already gotten the job will never even apply for it. The Governor wants use to believe he means well for the average Akwa Ibom job seeker but what really are his plans and modalities for recruiting the 3000 teachers? I will tell you.

Himself as the “Giver & Taker’ of patronage will have about 500 nominees/slots on the list. That is, if he decides to be considerate unlike his “teacher”. His deputy may take 50. His SSG for fear of who nominated him will take about 200 slots, while the Head of Service will be allotted say 100 slots. Members of the State Exco will have some slots depending on their hierarchy and strength of allegiance while members of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly will also be given slots to aid the quick passage of the next loan request from the Governor.

Politics is just around the corner, so political godfathers must be courted with slots while senior SUBEB staffs will also have some slots to sell, some genuine, some fake and yet some others, genuine fake.

After this what next? I will tell you.

The slots will then be shared not based on federal character or any quota but loyalty to the cabal. Girlfriends, ex girlfriends, Manfriend, Sugar Mummies, Cousins, 2015 thugs sorry supporters, business partners, political associates, political groups etc. By the time they finish the disbursement of slots based on their own RMAFC approved sharing formula, woe betide you the fellow Akwa Ibom applicant who is hoping to be recruited based on merit if you don’t belong to the aforementioned category.

Congratulations Mma Ikorok. Looking forward to hearing from you why anything you lay your hands on must be hijacked and doomed to fail, after all, a bad excuse is better than none. Dear applicant who can’t even get the application form, there is God!

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