Mr. Edidiong Ikpe, a lecturer with the Akwa Ibom State University who was mentioned by one Victor Akpan who accused Hon. Ituen of blackmailing has confirmed being defrauded by the lawmaker in 2008.

Mr. Ikpe confirmed in a telephone chat with this reporter that his name was actually included in the ward 8 list for the empowerment which Hon. Ituen served as resource person. He said each person on the list was to have between N800,000.00 and N1m at the end of the job but was given a paltry N50,000.00.

He pleaded that if there is a way the government can recover the said money for him, he will indeed be very appreciative.

According to Victor Akpan, “the said Edidiong Ikpe is from the same village with the House member, in fact, they are related. My question is, “if the crocodiles can chew their own eggs, what would they not do to the flesh of a frog”.
Quoting copiously from the Buddha, “there are three things that cannot be hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth”, he stated.
“Let it be on record that the issue which I seek to elucidate are that of facts and figures and in the course of doing that I will refuse to be distracted by myopic praise singing sycophants who are ideologically bereaved”.

“Come to think of it, what has Hon. Ituen ever completed? Is it the abandoned laboratory at COMSECOM, a constituency project that he started in 2016 that would have been used for SSCE exams in 2017? Only God how those students wrote their exams without a laboratory, pictures don’t lie”

A teacher of the school who spoke with this reporter on condition of anonymity confirmed that the lawmaker had promised the school authority he was going to complete the project by January so as the students can write their exams but unfortunately the had finished without a laboratory.

Victor opined that the lawmaker cannot claim not to have received from the State government the complete funds meant for that particular constituency project. So the question now is, who is deceiving who?

Also, the parameter fencing of the health care center, West Itam 1, Ibiaku Itam is still uncompleted without a gate, this is yet another constituency project under the supervision of Hon. Idongesit Ituen, Chairman, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly committee on works.
“On February 25, 2017, he did a razzmatazz on road grading in Itu local government commencing with the most dilapidated Ikot Ekwere road, unfortunately, residents are still passing through hell to access that road.
“with all the fanfare that heralded the road grading, only the Ikot Ekwere road was haphazardly graded. Where are the equipment? Where are they working? Apart from the Ikot Ekwere road which still remain impassable. These things are there for people to see, if there is anything to the contrary, I will join others to clap for him too”.

According to Victor Akpan, I have seen reactions from some people on the social media following my revelations describing Hon. Idongesit Ituen as a good man, an effective representative and a hard working legislator, that to me is sycophancy which to me is not really good for our polity.

This is the same lawmaker who has always told his constituents at various forms that he can win elections even in a zero party. And I ask what happens to the party he had served as a state officer, a party on which he rode to become a lawmaker?

A constituent and a parent of a student of COMSECOM who declined having his name on print described the lawmaker as being heartless and insensitive to the plight of students of Itu. How can he for more that eight months now, cannot complete only renovation not building a new laboratory for students to use for exams. It is the height of wickedness. Is it not a fellow House Member that bought JAMB forms for his constituents?

Solomon B Asuquo

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