…Carpets Obiano On ‘Fray’ Statement

The United Progressive Party (UPP) and entire Anambra citizens listened with utter shock and disbelief to speeches by Governor Willie Obiano and leaders of his party, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) at the flag-off of his campaign on Monday, wherein they engaged
in self-praise, threats and insults, even on the Christian faith.

Particularly alarming was Governor Obiano’s designation of the November election as a “fray”, which is equivalent to saying that the
election is a matter of life and death, thus exposing his negative,
destructive and undemocratic intentions for the poll, bothering on frustration arising from his impending political waterloo. His defeat at the poll is irreversible.

We find it unpardonable that the outgoing governor engaged in
self-praise and celebration of the ordinary when the state is collapsing in his hands; when all critical infrastructures he inherited have gone moribund; when investors are now setting up outside the state for lack of conducive business environment; when the
education and health system in the state have decayed and when citizens are no longer safe even in places of worship.

This voyage on self-praise, akin to a poorly scripted home video, and
coming at a time the state is confronted with very serious problems is
only symptomatic of an irresponsible leadership with no regard for the
led and which has completely lost touch with the people.

Governor Obiano in his insensitivity did not address the serious issues of education, health, infrastructure and security. He did not address the recorded abuse of rights of his citizens that trailed the widely condemned military invasion of the southeast, which he championed. He did not address the killings in Onitsha, Ozubulu and Ekwulobia. Those do not matter to him.

Most shocking was when his ally and former CBN Governor, Prof.Charles Soludo ridiculed the Christian faith, and poured disparaging remarks on catechists when he referred to other contestants as mere catechists in the race. Maybe he was a mere catechist when he contested under the then ruling PDP and failed.

Also, he was less than a mere catechist when he was disqualified by APGA who he is now serving as their megaphone.

For your information, Catechists, despite their place in the rung of
church leadership are highly respected church leaders who are known for their humility, honesty and care for the flock. To deride them is therefore an unpardonable insult on the sensibilities of Christians.

APGA’s disrespect for church leaders shows the scorn with which they
hold the Christian faith. If not, can they make such disparaging statements on officials of other religion in their own stronghold?

We know that Governor Obiano and his party have been in a chaotic mode
since the people of Anambra across board moved their support to the United Progressive Party (UPP) and our candidate, Chief Osita Chidoka; but he must not throw the state into a fray in his desperation to cling to power even when he knows his time is up.

Governor Obiano and his APGA should have known by now that this election is a matter of the will of the people and not a fracas. He has squandered the goodwill of the people and cannot regain same
through insults, instigating of brawls and trying to buy communities and union leaders. Recent history is replete with political leaders who used such approaches at a time they should have taken a bow and ended up colossal failures.

On our part, we in the UPP and our candidate, Chief Osita Chidoka
regard the people and will continue to stand with them as we march
together to victory come November 18, 2017.
Chief Ogbuehi Dike
National Publicity Secretary

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