Hon Prince Ned Nwoko in answering the Anioma clarion call to be Senator of Delta North Senatorial District come 2019 will make a lasting impacts in Delta North and would strive for proactive representation rather than the reactive representation we have today.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko won’t be a reactive representative that lacks foresight and always scuttling from one crises to another like we are experiencing today rather he would take responsibility in engaging Anioma people through townhall meetings with Anioma people and as well lead by example.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko as a man with great foresight when given the mandate will use the platform to address the disparity in scholarship benefits accruing to Anioma from various Federal Government agencies and as well engage most stakeholders in ensuring that our irreparably damaged environment and our people gets succor/palliatives to cushion the resulting effects of irreparably damaged environment.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko when given the mandate will work hard and have a platform for participatory model of communication for effective and inclusive representation.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko being a man with foresight, has long term sustainable plan (which will be discussed in later day) and as such he is in better position to take up the problems bedevilling Anioma and her people to the relevant Federal agencies when given the mandate.

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko as an outstanding illustrious Anioma son who can think out of the box which doesn’t come in handy because most problems don’t come with instruction manuals and as such places him better than his peers unlike the present representation we have today.

However, with Hon Prince Ned Nwoko compassionate, loyal, integrity-filled attitude, he has endeared himself to the majority of Anioma people and as such earned their respect unlike the present day representative demanding respect not knowing that respect is earned not demanded.

My dear fellow compatriots of Delta North Senatorial District, let us join hands to support Hon Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, a man of impeccable track records to represent us in the red chambers of the National Assembly 2019 because he is the beat bet Anioma have for better, effective, proactive and quality representation.

Odigiri Ween Bela
Progressive and Social Youth Advocate.
West Africa Youth Ambassador.
(The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but at the end, there it stands).

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