APC and Tinubu’s Greed

Abioye Babatunde 

Nigerians were tired and sick of the PDP administration, they wanted a change, any change would do; Obasanjo was a failure, Yar’Adua was about attending to Obasanjo’s monumental failure and corruption-go and ask question of the energy sector Obasanjo single handedly crippled- Yar’Adua died, Jonathan stepped in, he was cursed and insulted; a weakling, suddenly everybody would speak with one voice for the need for a change; and for that change to take place, it must need a face and a platform. 

The APC became a conglomerate of parties orchestrated by the former governor of Lagos state ~ Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Jagaban and probably the self-proclaimed leader of the Yoruba race that would probably the sage, Awolowo turn in his grave.

The party had been born and a face was needed. Abubakar Atiku, like others would not fit into the new face of the party that would be able to capture the yet gullible minds of tired and frustrated Nigerians over leadership.

Muhammadu Buhari, having tried three times to lead the country and failed became the sought after face for the APC. He had the history of being stern and a no-nonsense man in his day as a military head of state. But many Nigerians refused to reckon that he is spent and would be bereft of progressive and developmental ideas to lead a complex and complicated country he led many decades past.

What was the mantra of the APC then that enabled it sell itself to Nigerians? To fight corruption to the ground. But four years and years going, Nigerians have come to the realization of the lies of the party, the selective spread of the fight against corruption and the party’s lukewarm leadership.

And Nigerians continue to groan in their frustration because the APC administration is not fighting corruption, instead, promoting it and when its promotion is about being called to question, it picks a scapegoat it considers as an immediate threat to blindfold Nigerians over its fight of deceit.

If anybody should be tried for corruption, dear lord, that person should be Tinubu, Ahmed Bola, alias the Jagaban. That is only when we would say this administration led by the docile serious and is abreast with the promise to tackle corruption!

The EFCC in collaboration with the APC cannot tell Nigerians that it does not have the full dossier of the ex-governor and present national chairman of the party corruption and thievery list to book him to the next available flight to explain how the accountant gangster made his fortune by turning Lagos State into his reservoir of money making and milking. Tinubu is still making money out of Lagos to this day and he perhaps controls the largest shares of Nigeria’s ownership, and nobody is saying anything! And nobody is asking questions!  Buhari is not saying anything! The APC has made itself worse than the PDP and nobody seems to care?

Tinubu like many others like Obasanjo seem to have the balls of this government in their hands that they move everywhere as untouchables. The content of that bullion van during the last election died just like that when Nigerians asked questions and the EFCC could do nothing because it waited for the evidences that would never come to have Tinubu tried for all the messes he caused and still causing Lagos State and the much havoc he has wrecked on the Nigerian nation.

Lagos State has become a state of gangsters where the gentle and the intellectual must seek the blessing of the Jagaban before they can be relevant in the political scheme of the state to yet meek the state stupid. And where one cannot bow before his political whims and caprices you face the music. Ambode faced that music in the hands of Tinubu because he would not allow his arms to be twisted while the state suffers under the invisible leadership of the domineering ex-governor.

Fashola on his own part is whining silently as a minister because he does not know how long he is going to live in the garb of Tinubu’s greed and control. Tinubu has his finger on every pie of the country corruptively and the EFCC continues to tell us that it does not have the evidences to call him for questioning and explanation? Let us get a grip in this country, if we should still call it a country, that is, because all seem to be nauseating! 

Here is the evidence for Tinubu why this government cannot not go near him, why Buhari has lost his military principle principles against a fraud against the state: Tinubu brought the pieces together to form the APC; Tinubu deceived and hoodwinked Nigerians to believe that the APC would deal with corruption whereas he is the chief corrupt officer, and Tinubu installed Buhari on all of us and since then he has been playing on the sentiments of the party, the president and Nigerians. So he must be a free man.

So of what relevance is the fight against corruption by this government, this party and this president if all parties are not fooling all of us while the country goes deep under while others selected suffer, most times for the sins they never committed?  

We would take Buhari serious, we would take the APC serious and even the EFCC maybe more serious and the generality of the populace, if justice is served Tinubu; it is not based on sentiments or hatred for the man, but pure decent thinking that the man should stop carrying on as if he is a saint.

Maybe another thing playing in the favour of the Jagaban is that he is able to cover his tracks and very well too which the EFCC has all the machinery to unearth, but does not want to do and he has planted his boys everywhere in the polity and every other aspects of the country that an exposed corrupt Tinubu would mean the exposure of many other dirty linens in the public glare and nobody wants to have that.

Buhari cannot say he does not know that Tinubu is one of the worst criminals in the country when he visited one of the best hotels in the country owned by Tinubu and he had to exclaim.

Who is protecting the national leader of the APC and why is he being protected?

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