Chima Chukwuma

Last year, ‘operation crocodile smile” concluded their rampage throughout Niger Delta with vaccination of helpless masses in that region. Recently, just about a year after that vaccination, a mysterious alien sickness, ”MONKEY POX” emerged in Bayelsa State.

This year, after the massacre in S/East that alarmed international community, another vaccination program was hastily arranged in South-East.

Am not saying that there is verifiable evidence between the 2016 vaccination and current outbreak of Monkey Pox in Bayelsa. But ”if a bee killed your father, on sighting a fly, you will take to your heels”. Dont touch me is better than leave my hand!! Nkwucha abughi ujo !!

By the way, if Federal Govt want to placate South-Easterners over the atrocities and massacres of innocent citizens, let then repair our roads, invest in hospitals, good water and electricity, drain River Niger, upgrade Enugu Airport to international standard, and then apologize to our people.

What is the cost of a vaccination sef? I dont want to break my teeth because am eating an ant!! Leave me alone!! I can pay for my vaccination, IF NEEDED!!

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