On March 3, 2016, the highly prestigious London based Economist Magazine had a conference which was named ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ It was held simultaneously in Hong Kong, London and New York and the raison d’etre behind it was to make a case for LGBT inclusion in business.

The CEO of the club fondly known as the gunners, Ivan Gazidis expressed his optimism that five years from then, the London based club would have openly gay players. In his words: “Sport’s such an interesting space. It’s a tremendously competitive environment, and if you close yourself off to any section of society, you’re not being competitive,” he added.

“We as a club have a responsibility to make a public statement about what our values are.”

What are the implications for Nigerians and Africans at large? It is a well known fact that football is one of the greatest unifiers in Nigeria. Tribalism is temporarily forgotten when footballers are on the field of play. Arsenal as a club has a fanatical followership in Nigeria and some people are known to have fought and sustained injuries on the club’s behalf despite the fact that they may never have been to the Muritala Mohammed International Airport.

It is a well known fact that the LGBT agenda has Africa as a prime target. We won’t forget the threats made by Obama and Cameron in threatening to withdraw foreign aid if Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda amongst many other supposed Sovereign African States didn’t accept the legitimacy of same-sex marriage and the respect for gay rights. Football has a massive viewership and the powerful gay lobby has figured out that a gradual acceptance of their sinister agenda may be possible if it is constantly thrown in the faces of Africans. Imagine if a star comes out as openly gay, with the passage of time, there will be effective use of star power to get a gargantuan buy-in of the normalcy of being gay. Cultural imperialism will be unleashed on hapless Africans with the most ruthless efficiency.

How about minors who watch football and may begin to get the wrong ideas most especially since they are in their impressionable years? What is the effect on the minds of these teenagers and pre-teenagers if their heroes openly reveal their minority sexual orientation?

The media is a powerful agent of change and can be used to shape effective conversations around the sale of a new agenda. The twin combination of football and the media will prove lethal for the aggressive advancement of the LGBT agenda in Africa.

Imagine if conservative fans get sanctioned for openly expressing anti-gay views? It is no news that the LGBT agenda constitutes a great threat to free speech as the likes of Damian Goddard, Felix Ngole etc got severely punished for expressing their anti-gay views on social media. Imagine if players get the short end of the stick for expressing their opposition to the LGBT agenda! Wouldn’t their fans get the wrong ideas and adopt a culture of silence so as not to rock the boat!

With the exception of South Africa, no other African State has legalised gay unions. The well funded liberals are miffed that despite their boot load of cash, the parliamentarians refused to bow to their immense pressure to redefine marriage as that would have been highly repugnant to natural justice and good conscience. That aside, the laws made should be reflective of the norms, culture and mores of the majority of the people which the push for same sex marriage equality greatly falls short of.

The next agenda is to use football to set the chain in motion for the normalisation of gay relationships by portraying the members of the LGBT as martyrs as human rights has been craftily used to advance the gay rights agenda.

African leaders at all levels should be on the alert and continue to preach the ills of homosexuality to their circles of influence to counter this new reality of the use of football to indoctrinate callow minded Africans.

The defeat of the same sex marriage bill in most African parliament still makes the war far from over as the media especially the new media with its ease of establishment is now the new tool for a rapid diffusion of this sinister ideology.

African resistance to the agenda that is capable of annihilating the globe must never cease!

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