Dear Governors and Politicians in Biafraland,

I, Mazi Onyebuchi Eze (A Biafran Activist) and Senior Media Analyst of Family Writers Press of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) hereby wish to write this open letter to you. It is important to use this open letter to officially make you people to know that come May 30th, every Biafran including you Governors, Senators, Ministers, House of Rep members and every other politician of Biafra is under obligation to observe BIAFRA HEROES REMEMBRANCE DAY which will be done through a sit at home procedure.

Your Excellency Sirs, Biafrans have made it mandatory that May 30 every year must be a day singled out as Biafra National Day to commemorate our Heroes who paid the Supreme price of their lives to defend Biafraland and Biafrans before, during and after the genocidal war levied and executed on Biafrans by Nigeria Islamic government with the support of Britain. It is important for you Governors and any other politician of Biafra extraction to understand that if not for the resilience and intellectual might exhibited by these our heroes past in courageously defending the land of Biafra during the war under the rains of bullets, shellings, grenades and missiles of Britain, USSR, Egypt and Nigeria, there will be no place like Imo state, Bayelsa state, Delta state, Enugu state, Cross River state, etc for you people to rule today. If not for these Heroes, our forefathers would have been wiped out of history in such a way that there will be no remnant of Biafrans to give birth to you governors and all the politicians, not to talk about having them contesting or winning any political position in Biafraland.

Your Excellency Sirs, Biafrans are telling you people verbatim that anybody playing with May 30 before us is making mockery of our revered Heroes who died in defending our fathers and mothers as they are in their graves. Anybody who forces Biafrans to go to work on Tuesday May 30, even if the person is Governor of a state in Biafraland is the enemy of the people and should be ready to tast the venom of Biafran youths who holds our Heroes in high esteem because such person or group of persons has led Biafrans to sin against our Heroes who are part of our ancestors and the person(s) have at same time committed sacrilege in the land.

It is upon this ground, that IPOB under the Supreme Command of Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) hereby call on you, the governors of Biafraland to close down the states government houses of Biafraland situated in Awka, Abakaliki, Calabar, Asaba, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia and Yenegoa to have you people and the entire staff of the government houses join your families in partaking in the Sit at home directive of Biafrans worldwide. According to the order of IPOB Directorate of State, all Banks, Motor Parks, Hotels, Markets, government offices and every other corporate offices in Biafraland must be totally closed down for us to honour our heroes who die for us.

Your Excellency Sirs, if these Heroes have died in defending the land for you to live and become governors, which force in Nigeria is blackmailing you people against your conscience in pushing Biafrans to commit sin against our Heroes and you spit on the face of our heroes? It is important to know that we are no more begging anybody in Biafra to comply with IPOB orders especially now that Nnamdi Kanu is already out of the dungeon, so should anybody dare us, it is going to be fire for fire, iron for iron, teeth for teeth and bone for bone to anybody or office who attempts going to work on May 30th. Let nobody say “I don’t know because IPOB field battalions are ready this time to respond to Gov Willie Obiano who said that IPOB is only talking without action. It is time to know if IPOB only talks without action or talks with a follow up action.

O ye governors, it is either you declare public holiday on May 30 for staff of government houses to join in remembering our heroes or you keep supporting the IPOB existing order of Sit at home. No Biafran will desecrate May 30 our Heroes Day by going to work that day and go unpunished before Biafrans no matter how highly placed. A word is enough for the wise!

May 30 Sit at home is not negotiable!

May 30 Sit at home is Sacrosanct!!

May 30 Sit at home is a must!!!

Your Sincerely,
Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Family Writers Senior Media Analyst.

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