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Findings reveals that, the newly appointed Chief Judge in Cross River State, Justice Michael Edem, has been enmeshed in a corruption mess in his career as a Judge.

In April 15,2016, there were media reports alleging how Justice Edem in collaboration with other alleged corrupt Judges who exist in the Cross River State Judiciary, compromised in cases brought before them.

These Judges, including Edem, were out to scuttle a murder case which has lingered since 2014, including Derrick Maurice and five other persons who were extra judicially killed by 14 dismissed policemen in Calabar, Cross River State.

Sources say, the likes of Justice Michael Edem, of Court 2, are a known biased judge in the judiciary, who had presided over the murder case, until the case was withdrawn from his court.

Reports have it that, over 80% of the judgments he has delivered, has been on cash and carry basis, alleged top sources in the judiciary, hence the reason the murder case was withdrawn from his court, which no one has confidence on.

The so called corrupt judge named, Ashwu Ewa, whose younger brother, was at the time, the O/C SARS, and is among the 14 dismissed policemen, have vowed that, the case will never see the light of the day, in as much as Cross River State judiciary is concerned. He has boasted severally, that his brother, Raphael Ewa, though guilty, will never go to jail.

With the appointment of Justice Edem, It has been confirmed that, he has mounted severe pressure, on his fellow corrupt compatriots cum judges in the judiciary, to frustrate the case, in any means possible. Justice Ogbojo Ogar, who hitherto was an unbiased judge, has been found to be Cross River State’s most corrupt judge, as he makes history in granting 14 dismissed policemen bail, and was quoted as saying, “this men have been away from their families for too long, they need to return home and be with their families.” Referring at the dismissed policemen.

Sources say, there are allegations that, over N10million had exchanged hands, between Ogbojo and the dismissed officers’ families, with Justice Ewa, contributing the highest, in a bid to kill the case at court 4, where Ogbojo currently presides.

It is expected that, his appointment will further ridicule the Cross River State Judiciary, as findings reveals that, even the Judiciary staff has no confidence in him.

Trail Reporters can report on good authority that, ethnic and tribal sentiments have overtaken the merits of cases in the Cross River Judiciary, even made worst with Justice Edem coming on board as the CJ. A source was quoted.

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