The Taraba State Governor raised an alarm of impending attack by Fulani herdsmen. Few days afterwards, the herdsmen struck and murdered four people.

This pattern of planned killings has been going on unabated and it is clear that President Buhari and the Federal Government are sympathetic to the herdsmen.

Buhari’s government has made it known to all that the herdsmen and their cows are above the law. People can continue to live in denial. Buhari is in love with the herdsmen and he is not ready to take actions that will hurt them.

After the condemnable killing of 7 innocent Fulani travellers in Benue State, the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the area was summoned to Abuja. This preferential reaction from the government adds credence to the nepotic accusations levelled against Buhari.

I also find it very troubling that the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, the Inspector General of Police, is calling for the suspension of the anti-open grazing law enacted by some states.

The Minister of Interior recently made the same incendiary remarks when he blamed the laws for the bloodshed thereby tacitly justifying the killings. President Buhari also called on governors to accommodate the herdsmen. Now, the Vice President has gone further to constitute a committee to beg the herdsmen.

These criminal absurdities are being perpetuated by the Buhari regime in a country that is supposedly governed by laws. Buhari is telling Nigerians that a group of people have the right to take up arms and kill innocent people to stop the implementation of a law that they do not like.

The Nigerian Army came out to give a very ridiculous explanation for not intervening in the killings, the same Army that embarked on Operation Python Dance in the South East killing unarmed civilians for belonging to IPOB. How about Operation Crocodile Smile?

Can you imagine that the IGP and the Federal Government have been resisting the arming of vigilantes in the troubled communities but I have not read anywhere that the government has a policy on disarming the herdsmen

Are we all going crazy in Nigeria? What manner of country are we living in? Does Buhari really understand what it means to be the President of an heterogeneous country?

Yar’Adua was also a Fulani. But I do not remember anytime during his regime that we witnessed or experienced this type of sectional, ethnic and tribal tension in Nigeria.

We must not only express outrage about the atrocities of this government, we must all go out and get our PVCs.

2019 will be a referendum on the objectivity of the Nigerian electorates. This madness must be cured at the ballot.

Inibehe Effiong

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