David Ayuba Azzaman

In some Northern States Churches are categorised along side Beer Parlours and brothels as places lands should not be sold for. That is the extend Christians are hated. very unfortunate. Just like Jesus Prayed and said. Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing , so also I pray.

Majority of some of you must have been confused and shock to learn that 97% of the Chibok girls are Christians in a state like Borno core northern state. If 97% are Christians it obvious almost 100% of the people of Chibok are Christians in Borno State. I don’t want to mention Biu home town of Gen. Buratai which also have a majority Christian Population or is it Askira Uba, is it Gwoza? All in a State like Borno who you might think its ,100% Muslims.

Coming to Kaduna many of you I believe like 30years backward believe Northern Nigeria are 100% Muslims but with this Southern Kaduna issue you became confused but now you understand.

It might shock you to know that Christains are the Majority in 2 LGAs in Kano , come to Malumfashi and Tsiga area in Kastina state majority are Christians. Ikara, Makarfi, Kubau, Hunkuyi. Birnin Gwari and Giwa in Northern Kaduna . Zamfara. Jigawa. Kebbi, Sokoto all we have entire communities that are Christians.

Do you know Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa has more Christian relatives than Muslim relatives in Bauchi State? I believe many of you also are shocked to learn that Yakubu Dogara the Speaker from Bauchi is a Christian.

Gombe State , go to Biliri and Kaltungo and see Cathedrals. Adamawa Fulani are only 7 % . Taraba. Nassarawa. Plateau, Niger. Kwara, and Benue combine these states they have more Christians than believers of other faith.

I know you are asking so why are they in power. Certain factors would have contributed

1. The colonial factor- Everybody knows that the whole Nigeria is not exempted from this colonial factors. They handed Power to them.

2. In the north it’s a crime for a Christian to vote along religious lines but other faith they encourage them to do that. Infact if you are a pastor and you encourage your members to vote a Christian, you would be termed a fake Pastor. A Northern Christian will tell you I will vote the best irrespective of religion. How I wish the Muslims will also think along that line.

3.:Many Hausa and Fulani Christians around Katsina, Kano and Makarfi areas are not allowed to vote and where Christians vote in Nasarrawa or Kaduna state and Gombe they make sure they don’t have adequate polling unit therefore it need God’s intervention for Christians to produce Governor in states like Kaduna. Nassarawa and Gombe. For example a heavily populated Christian area would have just 2 polling unit and area with same population but none Christian can have as much as 40 polling units. INEC is aware of this but as if they collaborated to do that.

In Places like Kano. Katsina or Jigawa they make sure the Christians are suppressed by all means. If you bear names like John they tell you, you are non indigene even though they know your village. Its very common to see Christians disguising themselves with names like Muhammed or Jafaru.

Why do you think they are killing Christians in the Middlebelt depopulation yes that the reason. If I have a comfortable lead in population ahead of you why do I need to depopulate you? Why do i need to manipulate everything to my favour.

Christians in the North and in Nigeria need to unite together. we have the number. We are the only ones that will take Nigeria to its promise land. Jesus in his Prayer before his arrest in John 17:20-26 he said above everything he wants us to be united . if Jesus our Lord knows the importance of unity among Christians why should you be compromising.

Christians in Southern Kaduna we need to work closely with Hausa and Fulani Christians in Northern part of Kaduna around Zaria. What they go through we don’t go through It.

CAN needs to visit those Christian communities in Kano. Katsina, Jigawa, Sokoto, Borno , Yobe , Zamfara and Bauchi. Find out their problems because they are many and take it up with the Federal Government.

God make the rain to fall on both Christians and Muslims if God hate Christians he will not allow rain fall on them , instead Christian areas even have more rainfall. So please stop the persecution of Northern Christians.

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