Matthew Michael

Traditional Top Notchers speaking glowingly with PDP flag raised by Governor Fayose to usher Governor Rochas Okorocha to join PDP hazards the whole essence of the socio-cultural ideology.

The traditional stool of Ibibio National Union defines statehood within the Nigerian polity. Extant studies promotes brotherhood and the historical heritage of ibibios emphasise on good governance.

The import of today’s event demonstrates the abuse of sociopolitical consciousness of the people that mounted the podium to talk of 500 megawatts of power generations, training of thousands of our youth on various skills, the scammed Akwa Prime Hatchery, the 700 km road network in the state, etc. When they knew within their conscience that they are farce.

The lousy exaltation of the performance of Udom Emmanuel without a realistic indices by harping it on economic recession, clearly reveals a clueless man on the saddle of leadership. The paid crowd mortgaged their conscience on the altar of peanuts, and the sacred traditional ethics of Ibibio, their social cultural values abused.

How can men that were suppose to be custodians of traditional norms and values mount the podium to sing “yak ikwo, yak idara…” and the other sang thus: “afo anie anam mkpo ndomo kiet isughoke…” The paramount Ruler of Ikot Abasi has disgrace leadership likewise his Etinan counterpart.

Today shows staged managed celebration of clueless leadership in Akwa Ibom State.

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