The Honourable Commissioner for Economic Planning in Delta State, Dr Kingsley Emu has commended His Excellency the Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa for his good governance initiatives which has been consistently and progressively transforming the state in virtually all sectors.

He said the Okowa administration has performed creditably well within two years in the area of massive infrastructure development, peace building, revolution in health and education sector, sports, open door policy in governance, prudent management of financial and material resources.

We have also done well in youth empowerment, human capital development, investment drive, micro credit loans to market men and women, cooperative societies, youth start up packs for young entrepreneurs under the various vocational training and skills acquisition programmes of the SMART AGENDA and Prosperity for All Deltans mantra.

Emu made the commendation in Asaba when he received the newly appointed Executive Assistant on Communication to the State Governor, Barrister Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe in his office, in continuation of the Executive Aide’s familiarization visits to top government functionaries, heads of Departments and Agencies in Delta State.

The Ministry of Economic Planning boss further asserted that Gov Okowa is not interested in running a “Father Christmas” government and made it clear to members of cabinet, ab initio, that he wants to reduce poverty significantly through short and long term socioeconomic plans within the lifespan of his administration, adding that the SMART AGENDA is the oxygenated blood pumping life into all sectors of the state economy to guarantee prosperity for all Deltans.

“This administration within two years was able to decongest the state labour market by creating over 24,000 jobs directly and indirectly through the Job Creation Office, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Skills Training Entrepreneurship Programmes (YUGEP and STEP), as Deltans are engaged on a regular basis in both skilled and unskilled jobs at construction sites across the three senatorial districts.

“Under the aegis of its Production and Processing Support Programme (PPSP) segment of the broad mandate of the Job Creation Office, the administration has given active support to investors, mainly farmers, to re-kit their holdings.

“At the last count, 815 farmers have benefited from the PPSP initiative. Besides, the Okowa administration has equally undertaken the following; distribution of tractors at great subsidy to 18 cooperative groups; distribution of outboard engines and fishing gears to 18 cooperative groups, distribution of fingerlings, feeds and cash support to 100 fishery farmers, the distribution of improved cassava cuttings, fertilizer and cash to 475 farmers.

“Distribution of 200 day old chicks, feeds and cash each to 10 poultry broiler farmers, distribution of 200 layers, feeds and cash each to 50 poultry layers farmers, distribution of 10 growers, feeds and cash to 50 piggery farmers and the provision of seedlings, cash and agro-chemicals for 40 tomato farmers. This administration has done so much in terms of boosting agro businesses and our youths have been deeply involved in these various STEP and YAGEP programmes, the acute economic recession notwithstanding.”

Emu further asserted that the comprehensive list of Okowa’s achievements is now in prints captured in virtually all sectors of the state economy; agriculture, education, job creation, infrastructural development, transportation and aviation, health, security, peace building and the rest; a clear indication of the genuine commitment and determination of His Excellency, Senator Ifeanyi Okowa to leave a sparkling legacy behind after his projected eight (8) years in office which terminates on May 29, 2023.

“I was delighted when the news of your appointment (Oghenesivbe Fred Latimore) came up because of your good track records in media politics and personalized creative writing skills in political communication. We once lost you to the opposition and now that you are back stronger and better, it is important that you increase your tenacity in strategic political communication to further project the agenda, policies and actions of government.

“I have no doubt in my mind that you will use your wealth of experience to proactively articulate the SMART AGENDA, His Excellency’s socioeconomic policies and achievements to the mass audience via well researched articles, news materials, radio and television interviews, talk-shows across the country so that Deltans at home and in the Diaspora can better and further appreciate the good governance initiatives of the Okowa administration.

“It is also part of your core duties to tackle misinformation and cheap propaganda against the governor and this administration, using available information super highway networks to the best of your abilities.

” The issue of proper information management is key and very important because the major opposition, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State, is regularly publishing materials aimed at misinforming Deltans on the one hand and to sway gullible minds as we fast approach 2019 election year. So, be strong and be ready to do the needful.

“I enjoin you to read widely about the administration’s vision and this you can do by working very closely with members of the State Executive Council (Commissioners) and heads of Agencies and Departments.

“I am impressed with the level of work you have put out so far, particularly your well articulated radio and television interviews about the achievements and policies of government. It is expected that you keep the temple and dig deeper into the fountain of political knowledge to do the unusual; to further justify your pen name; THE PEN EAGLE. I have no doubt in my mind that His Excellency the Governor will greatly assist you so as to increase your performance from time to time.”

Responding, Oghenesivbe thanked the Honourable Commissioner for Economic Planning, Dr Kingsley Emu for his love and words of encouragement, adding that the Okowa administration is making commendable progress because of the high calibre of technocrats and super breed of professionals carefully selected to drive the SMART AGENDA to fruition.

“Sir, your pedigree in the banking and financial sector in Nigeria is a unique testimony which has greatly reflected in your performance as one of the best brains in our state and the world over. I look up to men of pedigree like you as I diligently and proactively focus on my assigned responsibilities.

“I have no doubts in my mind that the watertight unity within the OKOWA SMART FAMILY will produce greater results in terms of quality dividends of democracy for Deltans within the next two years of this administration’s first leg with a second leg that will last till May 29, 2023.

“Once again, I respectfully thank His Excellency the governor of Delta State for finding me worthy to be appointed into his administration’s SMART team, even though I just returned from a brief stay in the failed opposition on pre-election publicity contract.

“The opposition in 2015 deployed strategic political propaganda to sway the fragile conscience of millions of Nigerians and that singular act landed our country into needless acute economic recession and poor leadership crisis. I am pretty sure that Nigerians will reverse the trend in 2019 by voting our great party, the PDP into power at the federal level. I pledge to truly serve the State, His Excellency and our great party, the PDP, without blemish.”

It will be recalled that during 2015 pre-election Channels Television Sunrise Daily programme, Dr Kingsley Emu argued for the PDP while Barrister Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe spoke for the opposition, the APC. The visit afforded the duo a unique opportunity to reflect on their television debate and discussed issues of mutual benefits as members of the PDP and Okowa administration, going forward.

It was indeed a great moment that will linger in their memories for a long time to come. This goes to show that in politics “there are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.


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