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Reports from customers of Diamond Bank, which were sent to our news desk, show massive fraud and unwarranted deductions from customers’ accounts.

One of Diamond Bank’s customers, who lamented his ordeal said, he has not been able to access his account for the past seven days, as his Diamond ATM card and mobile banking has been disabled by the bank.

Findings show that, the customer care platform of the bank on twitter keeps demanding for the same details, but are too weak to act, as they are bereft of what to tell the customer, after many repeated lies that the issue will be resolved.
Further findings reveals that, customers cannot transfer their cash out from the bank, but keep losing it to their fraudulent deductions for services they do not provide.

One of the customers who spoke with our Reporters said, “Each time you try to make a transaction, they deduct N105 from your account. Over the past 6 days, they have deducted the money 6 times. They have made away with N630 from my account. They are yet to refund a penny.”

Another customer who spoke with Trail Reporters in Uyo lamented her ordeal, at the Abak road, Uyo branch of the Bank, saying, no one wants to attend to you. They want you to keep standing for five hours in front of them and beg them to do their job.

We gathered that, the customer care and the staffers most times pretend not to hear any customer, as they keep putting their faces down to avoid attending to customers, as one pensioner had to shout and make threats of violence before one of the customer service staff gave him attention.

Some of the customers of the bank we learnt, are planning an online campaign for Nigerians to boycott Diamond Bank, as it is alleged that the bank is shielded in fraud and untamed deductions.

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