The Lawmaker representing Epe Constituency II Hon Segun Olulade has said Dino Melaye is not a true reflection of the quality of a Senate Nigeria deserved .

Olulade said with due respect to some good heads still in the Senate, the show of shame, caricature attitudes, Nollywood comedy practice, ejaculation of knowledge, advanced kindergarten rehearsals and youthful exuberance characterising an adult Dino Melaye is utterly embarrassing the upper chamber that is already confronted with serious allegations of corruption and incompetence.

Dino is deliberately planting ambiguous mockery of his mandate as a strategy to stay up with the media. Unfortunately, that style is old fashioned and there is no room for such profane behaviours in a responsible Senate around the world because lawmakers are too busy with more serious issues bothering on their national growth and solving problems than playing comedy.

Olulade said challenges facing our country are a bit serious to accommodate uninteresting jokes often displayed by Dino Melaye to gain media attention and popularity. “Unfortunately, Dino Melaye is insensitive to rages and angers of Nigerians as a result of poor state of our nation which is largely responsible for by leadership. People are angry; there is so much poverty in the land; many Nigerians are plagued with sickness and diseases; citizens are living below poverty line; people are anguished and wailing regrettably that a country of milk and honey cannot feed. We are in abnormal situation even as we seek way out, and therefore, a lawmaker who is insensitively displaying most exotic cars to the face of his poverty stricken constituents and Nigerians suddenly becomes ‘lord of the flies’ in a sick senate chamber.”

Olulade however called on the senate to check Dino to protect the institution’s integrity that has already been watered. He also called on Senator Saraki to rethink why he should continue to sit on a very controversial integrity question regarding his personality and that of the institution he heads.

Like the Mayor of Caster Bridge, Senator Saraki should bow to honour and integrity by doing the needful so the Senate can earn trust of Nigerians once more. “Harbouring Dino and using him as a shield and attack dog will not help Saraki in the long run, rather, it will worsen the situation for the embattled Senate President”, Olulade said.


Hon. Segun Olulade
Member, Lagos State House of Assembly

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