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The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, today, lashed out at the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, describing the Governor as a drowning man.

The representative of the IG, Moshood, who is the police Public Relations Officer, was defending the activities of Fulani herdsmen on live TV, calling the “Open Grazing Law” “Anti Grazing Law”.

He labelled Gov. Ortom, “A Drowning Man”, but was asked to retract the statement by Omaogbe, but he refused.

Recollect that, the Benue Governor had some days ago, said, the Police IG was not cooperating in the fight against the herdsmen.

Sources say, I the IGP’s refusal to fully cooperate, as alleged by the Benue State Governor, was a ploy to bring down Gov. Ortom’s government and install a fulani herdsmen friendly APC Governor in 2019.

What does the Nigerian police force mean when it says Gov. Ortom is a drowning man? Is the Nigerian police force the new kingmakers of Nigeria? A source queried.

Another top source said, People are going to say Buhari is mischievously using herdsmen to topple the legitimate governmentś of Benue, Taraba and Adamawa States. He will need a ready answer to that accusation.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor was not available for comments as at the time of this report.

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