Since the quagmire between Aso Rock and the Senate over Magu’s status as EFCC Chairman began, Nigerians are being fed with comedy ”recoveries” on weekly basis. From their claim of hundreds of millions naira recovered from Abuja airport (only a mad+stupid man will think of successfully moving such huge amount of dirty/bulky naira through any airport), to billions of naira recovered in homes, to hundreds of millions of naira and some foreign currencies claimed to have been recovered in shops, etc.

This government has the penchant of throwing up something bogus to distract our attention anytime something serious is on hand, (such as the unresolved genuine/patriotic questions over the true state of Buharir’s health,… if Buhari is still capable of exercising his constitutional duties as the President, including his absence from FEC meetings).

My questions are:
1) Since this government took power over 2 years ago, how many people have they convicted of corruption? I have watched corruption cases in USA, EU, and even Asian countries such as China, Japan, Singapore, Philippine, etc.

In those countries, cases of corruption are quickly & transparently dispatched with convictions, to serve as deterrent. Back home, issues of corruption and convictions are done theatrically on TV and pages of newspapers.

How many people have gone through the court process and convicted?? We all know that OBJ is not reliable, never a good example, but at least, Olabode George was convicted under his watch! Who is currently serving jail terms for corruption under our so-called ”corruption Czar”?

2) For benefit of doubt, IF REALLY, there is any atom of truth on these bogus recoveries, where are the money? Where are the properties? Are they being re-looted by cronies of this corrupt government? No wonder that the only game in town is constant mass-movement of known looters & crooks from PDP to APC, to enjoy official protection from equally corrupt FG.

Am worried to hear a response from EFCC Chairman, claiming to have NO IDEA of what have been recovered by EFCC under his watch. To me, it sounds as pouring water into a basket or putting valuable things inside a torn pocket. Or, to use the right word, ”asking criminals to monitor criminals”.

If this government is a bit honest in their recovery claims, our economy should by now be flourishing. Why are we still in recession?

I call on all honest-hearted Nigerians to start asking questions. If FG is honest on these recovery claims:

A) Why is nobody convicted/jailed since 2 years?

B) Where are the money and properties?

C) Why is our economy still so bad after recovering trillions of naira and hundreds of billions of dollars?

D) Upon all these recoveries, why did FG told us that there is no money (about N1.5 Billion) to tackle meningitis menace plaguing several States, especially in the North?

Why is Al Jazera, BBC, CNN and other mainstream media still reporting of children, women dying of hunger across Northern States, plagued by Boko Haram? Instead of allowing this ”show of shame” on Nigeria being shown on world media, what does it take to feed these displaced citizens till they are able to return to there towns and villages?

E) And finally, are these ”loot recovery” claims real or smart bogus propaganda meant to divert our attention away from the real issues at hand, namely: gross deterioration Nigeria’s economy, which culminated to the current desperate & woeful state of the welfare of our citizens?

Is it a ploy to mask the cloud surrounding the true health of the President? Are these ”bogus recovery claims” a smoking gun to mask the gross failure of this government to holistically fight corruption, as they promised us during their election campaign?

Culled:Nigerian People’s Parliament

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