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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC), has reported that, the commission busted a home where it says it recovered huge sums of money in Dollars, Pounds and in Naira.

The money recovered, was said to be owned by the former Governor of Bauchi state, Adamu Muazu, including the luxury apartment complex, where operatives of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) discovered and seized $43.4m, £27,800 and N23.2m on Wednesday.

Sources said, the funds seized was a result of a leaked information from a whistleblower in Abuja over the existence of the stashed cash in the Ikoyi luxury residential apartment complex located at 16 Osborne Road, Ikoyi.

This huge discovery is coming days after the EFCC operatives recovered €547,730 and £21,090 as well as N5,648,500 from a Bureau de Change operator in Balogun Market, Lagos.

Also, prior to that recovery, the commission recovered another huge sum of money, hidden in an abandoned shop also in Lagos.

The recovered dollars are new, bundled and clearly a batch, thus have recurring serial numbers. Dollar cash in that condition and quantity is usually airfreighted, thus recorded.

EFCC sources said, the apartment where the money was found allegedly belongs to Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue, a managing director at the NNPC in charge of retail, under whose watch millions of litres of petrol belonging to the NNPC disappeared, but Esther Nnamdi-Ogbue has denied knowledge of the said amount, and also declared that the money does not belong to her.

The former PDP Chairman, Adamu Muazu who has also been linked to the recovered cash, has denied his involvement.

Not done with that, the Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi who was also accused of owning the cash and the building, has also denied the cash and the apartment.

A top source, who spoke with Trail Reporters, said, the EFCC was engaging in more propaganda, to show that Magu was working, when in the real sense, he is involved in a media hype to curry favours for himself.

The source also stated that, if the commission wanted to know who owned the money, they would have written to the US Mint, Secret Service and Treasury, indicate the serial numbers, the US authorities will tell them;

When that cash was printed in America, When that cash was physically airfreghted to Nigeria, When the Nigerian entity accepted the cash, Which Nigerian entity accepted that cash, Bank etc.

The source further stated that, you can from this actions, discover, if the cash went to CBN, a private entity or was simply smuggled into the country.

Another source who spoke with our medium, said, Magu’s non confirmation by the senate, seems to make him engage the media so much to portray himself as hardworking, when the commission cannot follow laid down process in tracking the authentic owners of the much talked about loot recovery.

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