Tom Garba

It’s Coming more glaring the tyranny leadership style of the Governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir Elrufai is cycling around the ethnics nationalities in the State, His coming on board as a Governor has killed the passion of people on the supposed change, a yearning change which initially believed to be for good governance, poverty amelioration,progressive and rampant development.

Before now the red lines warnings and signals telling people in 2015 that this All Progressives Congress (APC) under which platform Elrufai rode to became the Governor of Kaduna state can never be the Messiah we are expecting to continue the good work started by People Democracy Party (PDP). The style of democracy practice in kaduna state by Elrufai is resulting sentiments and fueling disunity rather than the one we know and did enjoyed from the first, second and even the third republic, his type of democracy is purely a tyranny democracy with focus to ethnic nationalities who are predominantly the occupants of southern part of the state.

Elrufai has turned himself to a demagogue that loses his conscience to power ruling with all sense of impunity without recourse to be observing the rules enshrined in the tenets of democracy, a behavior that’s turned him to be a little lower than a dictator and uncared leader.

Through out the last quarter of last years is one uprising of the other in various part of the state. It’s either the Shiites in Zaria, the Northern part of the state or the uncontrolled attacks and killing of innocent people in so many communities in the southern part of the state that constituted eight LGAs senatorial District which are predominantly Christian.

His leadership is appearing to be in support of Fulani herdsmen who were identified by many as another face of Boko Haram in disguise. At various interviews with journalist He (Elrufai) admitted to know the Fulanis that are in the rampage of killing people in the Southern part of the state (Christians) and have equally paid them to stop the killing.

This is no doubt not clear to many well meaning Nigerians as well as other international communities for a leader to profess to have paid people with criminal offences against the feeble innocents ones who are not even consider to be compensated. He statements indicated that the governor knows them, and he paid them for a course only known to him not for the sake of humanity.

After agreeing to settle them the killing did not actually stop, continue to this moment where pockets of attacks are being almost recorded on a weekly basis. So it is good to boldly say that Governor Nasir paid them to continue massacring the harmless people of Southern Kaduna since the payment double the nefarious work of the Fulani militia. Is known world over, the governor is the enemy of any body that is not a Hausa /Fulani as there are no cogent effort made to stop the killing and uprising in the state.

Now Governor Elrufai is bend on not only settling (paying) them but he has gone to the level of defending them, of recent a paramount traditional monarch in Kurama land of Lere LGA in Saminaka, Dr Ishaku Damina was arrested and detained because of his good intentions to curtail any form of insecurity in his territory, he signaled to security agencies of influx of Fulani herdsmen around his domain who have no basis to there, and have not report to him of their coming, that simple act warrant the ruler to spend many days in police custody with a concluded arrangement to take the matter to court.

I’m confident to say that the coffers of the state’s treasury that supposed to be evenly distributed for the sake of growth and development is now being used to settle and defend migrants criminals against the real owners of the land.
This is a clarion call to both Kurama and any indigene Of Southern Kaduna to safe guard our voters card, it’s the only weapon of our warfare against the tyranny and injustice of leadership mettled In us. Our votes should count against any bad leader in APC, let’s vote in people that have us at heart to defend us whatever party but not the likes of Elrufai. As It is now clearly seen and revealed to us that Nasir came with only one mission, to scuttle the grow and progress In our areas, he has come to trim up our political wings,to distablize us with lack of peace and our strengths are his weakness as such using his power to reduce us to nothing is a game plan for his political agenda.

Please let’s us unite against this tyranny type of governance in our state, this is democracy we voted him because of democracy and the rule of democracy must take its course in kaduna.

Tom Garba a journalist wrote in from Garun Kurama

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