Prince Aniekan and Matthew Michael

Asan Ibiobio is known to be a sacred location where the leadership of Ibibio will never mount to profess lies and deceit to the Ibibio nation. ….those who dared in the past didn’t grow old enough to become patriarch of the land..This could be cross checked with the history and records of the umbrella body of Akwa Esop Imaisong Ibibio., who are the custodian of the ‘ASAN IBIBIO.”

For Udom Emmanuel to induced Idongesit Nkanga to mount the podium and lie on the power generation of 500 megawatts. …daggers the essence of the the founding fathers of Ibibio Nation that was built on integrity and conscience. Obong Victor Attah initiated the Independent Power Generation and was completed by Obong Godswill Akpabio with a capacity of 190 megawatts. and right now as we speak, some GE plants at the Power Plants have been cannibalised and used as spare parts to keep a single plant running at less than 70 megawatt capacity.
Ikot Abasi urban center hitherto that used to enjoy 24 hour electricity, right now are in total darkness. Anybody can drive into Ikot Abasi Metropolis and see.
At the appointment of Engr. Mmeyene Etukudo, as the Managing Director of Ibom Power Plant, Governor Udom Emmanuel instructed him to TRIM DOWN the workforce because of the dwindling income of the company and all the young electrical and mechanical engineers that were rigorously tested as IT students were all dropped.
Upon the plea by Engr. Mmeyene Etukudo that the company has no future without training programmes, the governor told him that he will not be able to meet his Financial Target if he keeps on employing people.
Therefore, the choice of POWER GENERATION by Udom’s Government as the FLAGSHIP of his developmental achievement in AKWA IBOM STATE tantamount to A LADY WHO has twins but struggle to dance in the community square meant for maidens.

Also for Obong Idongesit Nkanga , a man that should be knowledgeable enough in the things of Ibibio Nation given his age and exposure should not allowed himself to be cajoled by the younger generation whose stock in trade has clearly BEGGED for integrity and sincerity of purpose.
We now understand why Ibibio patriarch – Obong Victor Udo Adiaha Attah did not have the time to peddled the disinformation of his nationality. …and since he didnt graced the occasion, lies upon lies were heaped using a project he initiated
Ntisong Sabastine Umoren of blessed memory, who served the Ibibios for almost a century would never have peddled this level of disinformation against his ethnic nationality.

His Excellency attached to a governor connotes integrity not wisdom. Extolling the financial wizardry of a governor when the populace are dying of hunger and infrastructural decay shows how deep we have mortgaged our conscience on the porridge of insincerity and stomach infrastructure. Lying without conscience bleeds the sacrifice of our heroes past. Why is it that our Elders refused to tell Udom Emmanuel that he has failed the electorate, failed the Ibibios, failed the annangs, and failed the Orons.

May a day come in future that our generation will be guided by conscience and integrity to be able to call a spade by its name without contradictions and rebuke a leader when indices shows he or she is clueless. Performance brings confidence and acceptability not orchestrated endorsement.
God bless Akwa Ibom State, the land of our birth.

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