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Weeks of investigation on the activities of National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) Officials led by the Director-General, Peter Idabor and Sterling Oil Exploration & Energy Production Company (SEEPCO) Officials led by the Managing Director of SEEPCO, Deparke Barriot has revealed how they conspired to defraud the Federal Government of Nigeria, seven Billion Naira and their conspiracy to use several millions of naira to bribe some very corrupt senior police officers in the Force Headquarters Abuja in order to subvert and upturn a police report indicting them for defrauding the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Further investigations by our Reporters revealed that, the report investigated by CSP Makuliso Umaro which was forwarded to DIG Hyacinth Dagala in charge of Force Criminal Investigative Department (FCIID), Abuja, and the DIG had in turn forwarded to Commissioner of Police in charge of Legal, (C.P Legal), for advice since October 2016, but the report was jettisoned and a fresh report opted for after money had exchanged hands.

We also gathered that the Investigative Police Officer, (IPO), CSP Makuliso Umaro was sent on a training Course in late October 2016 after he had forwarded his report to DIG FCIID, and on his return from the Course in December, a redeployment letter was handed over to him to immediately hand over all case files in his possession and proceed to Calabar for his new assignment.

Worried by the development, our Trail Reporters put a call across to DIG Hyacinth Dagala, who denied allegations of bribery against himself and his men, but confirmed that CSP Makuliso Umaro had been redeployed by him and the name of the new Investigative Police Officer (IPO) will be communicated to him on a later date.

Information reaching our news desk from a very reliable source reveals that, a telephone call put across to the DIG FCIID some days ago, DIG Hyacinth was quoted as saying ; ” My men refused to carry out my directives to them to duplicate and forward case file to CP legal since October 2016 and I only recently discovered, but have redirected them again to do so”.

Information from reliable sources revealed that, CSP Makuliso Umaro through a telephone conversation confirmed his redeployment. He was quoted as saying; ” l have long forwarded my report in October last year, after which I was sent on a course. When I returned from my course in late December last year, I received a letter of redeployment and I immediately handed over all case files in my possession. I am no longer in FCIID Abuja and as such I don’t know anything happening there. I have long forwarded my report and I m not aware of any fresh report being forwarded to CP Legal as against mine I forwarded. If there is any, then it is between the DIG FCIID, CP X-Squad and the new IPO.”

Our source revealed that CSP Makuliso Umaro declined to comment on the bribery allegations against them, but sources alleged, the DIG was offered a 20 million Naira bribe to give an order for the report to be rewritten, or kill it out rightly.

Findings revealed that, no police officer(s) has been punished by DIG Hyacinth Dagala for disobedience to his acclaimed lawful directives and there is serious conspiracy within the office of the DIG FCIID Abuja to protect the suspects from prosecution at all cost, while the life the complainants are under serious threat, as the suspects have continued to boast of the backing of top hierarchy of the police and other powerful politicians.
As at the time of this report, the DIG did not answer calls placed again to his 080348193** line, neither did he respond to a text message sent to him.

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