Victor Adaha

It is a known fact that Lagos state remains a strong hold of APC, even before the amalgamation of the pre -existing political parties that became the mega APC, the AC had remained the ruling party. Down the history lane, precedence holds it that even at the prime of the People Democratic Party [PDP], Lagos remained the home of AC. There has always been strong battle for the soul of Lagos but in all, in the past few years the ruling party in the state has remained unchanged.

This great feat has strongly been attributed and ascribed to the unity the party enjoyed in the state, and also dedication and commitment to their set goals. The state has always in every given political dispensation had one of the best governors in the country. Ranging from Bola Ahmed Tinubu the erstwhile governor who is the current leader of the APC to Babatunde Raji Fashola who is also the current minister of works, housing and power down to the present executive governor of the state Akinwumi Ambode. Although one would argue that there had been some skirmishes of problem at different intervals, but these issues had never grown un-controllable in time past, as it seems now.

The present face off rocking the state chapter of the APC, has grown un- abetted as the state has been thrown into factions. Some factions are alleged to be loyal to the national leader of the party, while another also alleged to be answerable to the APC national legal adviser Barr Muiz Banire. Loyalist to the duo, had it hot in recent times especially during the just concluded local government elections in the state, as allegations and counter allegations has been flying the air from supporters and loyalist to the duo. Even though in an exclusive interview on TVC granted by the Barrister Muiz he denied any rift between him his purported supporters and that of the national leader of their party Tinubu.

But it was evident in the run up to the just concluded LG election in the state, how the national legal adviser and some aspirants loyal to him have disagreed with the state structure of the party. And in some local government their said primaries were grossly characterized by crises of different sort. The national legal adviser Barr Muiz even openly condemned the whole process that brought the aspirants, he described it as anti- party and un- constitutional, he also allegedly that such winners would most definitely be removed by electoral tribunals because in his opinion there was no internal democracy which resulted to no proper internal election but instead “selection” which was still not based on consensus.

Party stalwarts in the state close to the national leader and in the camp of the incumbent governor have also argued against the stand of the learned legal adviser as regarding the party constitution and guild line for the whole process.

Even though LASIEC, which is the state electoral commission has announced the winners of the election recently held in the state and has also awarded them with return certificates it is believed in some quarters that the decision would be upturned in court, as even some opposition parties have approached the court on the issue.

If the court would heed to the prayers of those seeking cancellation of the election result, and also disqualification of the APC candidates, and in return announce them winner. Or if the court would strike out their case and uphold the victories of the APC candidates, only time would tell.

But in all, these issues are centered on the fight for the soul and control of Lagos APC, even though some argue that their stake on the issue is for adherence of due process, rule of law and ensuring of the right application of party rules, conduct and mantra.

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