Wole Olanipekun SAN

“We seem to be fixated on the naming and shaming of people who have already been identified by successive governments for one reason or the other, whether genuinely or otherwise, rather than confronting headlong and holistically, the _toxicity of corruption_ in the nation. _We have held people without charge, whilst others with similar allegations of corruption hanging on their necks, continue to walk free and even occupying sensitive positions in government.”_

I have been saying this for ages but those who could die for this government keep saying ‘corruption is fighting back’. _The bitter truth is that no one is fighting any corruption._ The EFCC under Magu is only interested in naming and shaming. A kind of media circus that will make Nigerians feel ‘shocked’. It initially achieved that with its latest ‘discovery’ before the story started having “k-leg”.

The alleged N15b found in a Lagos home should tell us something. It raises some fundamental questions:

1. Osborne Road, Ikoyi, is not a back street neighborhood. Before raiding the place and “discovering” money, why didn’t EFCC do a thorough but discreet investigation to know who owns that apartment?

2. A mindset has already been created: when EFCC ‘discovers’ such huge amount of money, the thinking is that it must belong to an official of the past government. (Reason the Adamu Mu’azu name quickly came up) Now, with controversy surrounding the ‘ownership’ of the latest ‘discovery’, what does it say about the credibility of EFCC?

3. If it is true NIA has claimed ‘ownership’ of the money (I still don’t believe anyway), can we not say it is a sign of grand cover-up to prevent the massive embarrassment it would have caused this government should the true ownership of the money be established? Have you ever seen a foreign arm of a national secret service agency keeping such money? For what? Who approved it? Under which head and sub-head? Why different currencies?

4. If such humongous amount of money was to be kept by NIA (it keeps looking very odd if you ask me), why should it be in a block of flats and not a stand-alone building heavily but discreetly guarded?

Let me repeat: no one is fighting any corruption. My anger is that latest EFCC circus will embarrass us the in the eyes of the world.

This one will soon fizzle out until the next “EFCC Money Discovery Show”. Remember, were still on Season One.

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