Five mistakes to avoid with the harmattan skin care routine- Poshglow Skincare

With the coolness of the weather, we change our lives, putting away attire that does not prevent the cold.

Nevertheless, some forget to make changes to their skin to fit into the atmosphere they find themselves in.

Studies have shown that the human skin can contain both in and out skincare ingredients, and if one must keep his skin healthy, Poshglow Skincare will be the right choice, and there are mistakes to avoid.

1. Avoiding sunscreen every day

When you want to guard your skin against the sun damaging it, use moisturizers, and it is necessary to have sun protection, not just when the weather is intense with harmattan.

During harmattan, there is always a change in weather, with many describing it as harsh.

2. Using light moisturizers during harmattan

Light moisturizers used during harmattan don’t quite cut in, as the wind can quickly dry it off. One needs to protect his skin through a rich moisturizer.

3. Rather than cleansing the skin surface, face washes could rather be necessary, as it attracts moisture to skin cells. When harmattan sets in, a light cleanser can do the magic.

4. Taking a warm shower

When the weather gets cooler, it is heartwarming to sink into a warm shower bath. Exposure to hot water can pill one’s skin of valuable moisture and have an effect on the body.

It is recommended that one should moisturize lightly to stare off harmattan and avoid dry skin.

5. Forgetting to remove the skin layers.

During harmattan, people have their skin pulled off, and it seems easy for others, even with accumulated sweat.

Thick moisturizers can keep the skin glowing if the layers of dead skin cells remain on the surface. During harmattan, there are drier skin flakes, but constant washing can do wonders when moisturized afterwards.

Additionally, do not forget to use the Poshglow Skincare product.

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