Rev’d Richard Peters

It is no longer a news that there is suffering in the land, as viewed by many, the suffering started from the time our current President took over power of leadership, I may not be accurate in this but I think I’m right.

The purpose of this writing is not to add salt to injury nor to be open for attack whatsoever. However I’m writing this to serve as a guide on how we can correct the present situation of our land.

Before now a common man was able to afford 3 square unnourished meal, now it’s very hard to even fetch a square meal . Consider a family of 6 and a cup of Garri now 110 in some places, scarcity, joblessness etc.

All these and many more can rightly be said that Nigeria is under temporary PUNISHMENT and the causes of this punishment are listed below.

NIGERIA is a country greatly loved by God, highly blessed just as the Biblical land of Canaan but we could not value or treasure God’s blessings upon our land.

1. At a time God gave us independence. He established a covenant with us to be our God and for us to be His people. God was and is still faithful to this covenant but we are Unfaithful.

2. We have forsake the God who created us as a nation and worship or practice vain things and this have given rise to so many social vices like injustice, immorality, corruption, oppression etc.

3. Nigeria has now become a nation that hates truth, real messengers of God who speak the mind of God are either harass, accuse, set up or side line. False Prophets and Pastors who teaches and prophesied lies, worthless divination and deceit of their own mind are the people that is welcome and celebrate.

4. The leaders do not longer seek God in their appointment, decision and policies neither do the law makers know Him, very few or non seek to re-dedicate themselves to God.

This are the things that make us to suffer as a Nation (Nigeria)
The steadfast love of God never ceases, His Mercy never come to an end; they are new every morning.

Despite this temporary PUNISHMENT in Nigeria if we repent and call on Him , He will forgive us and show them Mercy and give us a ray of Hope and any leader who is not carrying the citizens in the heart should resign

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