It was Rahul Gandhi who opined that, “We will work on inclusive governance for inclusive growth.” In aligning with the thoughts of this great Author, events in the administration of Governor Umo Eno, has shaped the political landscape of Akwa Ibom State today.

Recollect when the Governor was campaigning for the number one office in the state, he was completely explicit, that he will run an all-inclusive governance, devoid of political party sentiments, or delineation in the state.

Perhaps, not too many persons took him serious, because of the existing stereotypes that has bedeviled our political space, where politicians say one thing and mean another, where the trust of the people in governance had long been eroded.

Away from party politics, a clear sample of the minds of Akwa Ibom people, will reveal to anyone, that this Governor is deviating from the norms and practices of the old order, and a clear departure from known conventions.

Recent events in the state, has seen the Governor embrace members of the defunct Young Progressives Party into the fold of the Peoples Democratic Party, with assurances of an all -inclusive governance, and staying true to his campaign promises.

This particular Governor, defies both logic and conventions, and has rather chosen to deepen democracy in the state, while delivering steadily on the ARISE AGENDA.The Governor has said in different fora, that those who had sacrificed for his emergence as Governor, will remain the first line beneficiaries of his administration. This was not to exclude those who have joined, or will join the train later, but as a listening Governor, Pastor Umo Eno is cognizant of the fact that, a sower must first reap the fruits of his labour.

Those who worked for the emergence of the Governor, should continue to keep their hopes alive, because, your time will definitely come with the Governor. Sooner or later, because we have in a man, a Governor who believes so much in rewarding service and will rather promote competence than settle for mediocrity.

The coming days will definitely bring smiles on the faces of Akwa Ibom people, don’t give up yet.

Eneh John, PhD
A Journalist, writes from Etebi Ikot Usekong, Eket.

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