Aniekan Ekpo and Matthew Michael

Over 1000 Bakassi indigenes have been evicted from Cameroon to Nigeria following a new tax regime reportedly introduced by the Cameroonian authorities.

The victims, who reside in Abana, headquarters of the former Bakassi Local Government Area that was ceded to Cameroon, are said to have started arriving Ikang in Cross River State and Mbo in Akwa Ibom State.

They are alleging that the authorities introduced a new tax regime of an equivalent of N55, 000 per annum for every adult.

The Bakassi issue has been on the burner of many Dialogue, meetings and conferences across Niger Delta, the issue of the displaced person and the State government inability to erect and provide settlements for its citizen is becoming irritatingly alarming.

A new levy in form of tax, an equivalent of N55, 000 per every adult. The Cameroonian government had started implementing this new tax regime for some time now, but they gave a deadline on July 6, that those who cannot comply should leave the country.

98% of the people affected are mostly Akwa Ibomites and Cross Riverians and they cannot afford to pay such levies.
The unresolved issues arising from the ceding of Bakassi and the non challant attitude of successive governments have left the people in a situation of statelessness, this has encouraged the Cameroonian government to take advantage of the people. The people are exposed to multiple taxations, those in Nigeria are far from being settled, the government in Akwa Ibom has no program whatsoever to rehabilitate its indigenes in Bakassi.

The insensitivity of the Udom’s led administration can easily been seen, as at the time of writing this report the government is yet to make a statement as regards the eviction of its indigenes from Bakassi.

I am not sure government is aware of the plight of its people, even those who have landed in Mbo LGA are stranded and begging for interventions from government agency knowing fully well, this government certainly has nothing to offer them.

The son of the Clan Head of Effiat in Mbo LGA Akwa Ibom State, Capt. Confidence Ukpoh, a merchant navy, said hundreds of his kinsmen were on their way back to Nigeria via the waterways.

He said, “My relations are on their way back because they said that the tax imposed on them was too high and they have decided to come back since they gave them deadline.

The Bakassi issue is a clear indication to the fact that this government has no respect for its people. The Insensitivity of Udom’s govt towards the plights of the displaced indigenes in Bakassi is a regrettable

The much taunted Dakkaada philosophy with its leprous insignia profligate on unrealistic developmental indices abusing the tenets of democracy which is people conscious.
Still singing developmental strides that are not visible despite being the highest revenue earner in the country clearly exacerbates clueless leadership in the affairs of the people.

Governance and democracy trend when you create happiness within the polity for the people through people oriented programmes and infrastructural rejuvenation.

Allowing the citizen who have been displaced to be stranded and you are here carrying your shoulder in pomposity is a clear indication that you will go down in the dustbin of history as the most clueless, self righteous and arrogant governor.
But since you were imposed on the citizenry, why not at least perform, let your performance soothe the pains of the ugly 2015 election.

The displaced indigenes of Akwa Ibom State are suffering in Bakassi due to the new tax regime introduced by the Cameroonian government. Their main source of livelihood is now truncated by the unfriendly tax slam of over N55,000 per person. The failure to pay, vacation order is biting so hard on the people such that thousands of indigenes are now homeless and a reasonable and sensitive government is turning deaf ears.?

This actions adds up to your already loaded sins that threads your exit 2019.
You cannot be behaving as if Akwa Ibom State is your fiefdom
Think about the thousands of lives, families and homes that are stranded in the cold weather.
Think of the oath of office as sworn in may, 2015.
Think of the mandate as initialed in your manifesto.
Stop being insensitive ! Come to the rescue of these indigene that are blanched by the scorching sun. Dakkaada is all but a fraud, as leprous as the insignia.

Let the people have a taste of government, let the labours of our heroes past be replete in the consciousness of government towards the plights of the people. Its not about you amassing so much wealth into Zenith Bank, Heritage Bank and Sun Trust Bank. Its not about owning the largest Farm in Ogun State neither is it about the numerous sheds of estates across Nigeria and other countries.
Your interests in numerous blue chips industries are not what you will be evaluated on.

Your ability to touch lives is what will announce you in the hallmark of providence. Wake up to the realities of a sensitive and visionary governance.

2019 will announce your scorecard.
A word is enough for any Harvard or non Harvard Trainee.

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