Tony Okafor

A group of youths suspected to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra on Friday allegedly disrupted a church function attended by a governorship aspirant in Anambra State on the platform of the Progressives Peoples Alliance , Mr . Godwin Ezeemo .
The conflict , it was gathered, happened at Odoekpe, Ogbaru Local Government Area of the state.

The Biafra secessionist group had recently in a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary , Emma Powerful, insisted that the November 18 poll in Anambra would not hold.

It said Anambra State as the flagship of Igbo held a strategic position in the Biafra struggle that any mistake made in handling Anambra affair in the Biafra cause would have a ripple effect.
The statement said, “Our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu , is very strategic and methodical in his approach to restore Biafra; therefore every step IPOB takes , regardless of its impact, is designed to bring Biafra closer.
“Anambra election boycott will benefit not just Biafrans but other component ethnic nationalities in Nigeria as well, ” he said.

In the Friday incident , the IPOB youths disrupted the campaign team of the PPA governorship aspirant that went to Ogbaru to worship at God’s Own Pentecostal Church.

The assailants who brandished Biafra flags and singing Biafran songs besieged the worship centre, asking the PPA flag bearer and his entourage to desist from addressing the congregation and leave their place .

One of them said, “Many politicians have been lying to us and used us for so long; we don ’t need them again.
“Our youths are jobless , our roads are bad. We want our freedom and we do not want all these politicians here anymore,” he raged .
However, Ezeemo continued to address the congregation amid the confusion that ensued.

He said “I ’m a Biafran in practice given that I brought down all my investments to my homeland .
“I can understand the agitation of these youths . We have been lied to for so long by these politicians but I left Britain to come back home so that I can make things right . Just give me a chance, I will not let you down. ”

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