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Delta State Honourable Commissioner for Information, Patrick Ukah has again called on the federal government and the Inspector General of Police, Idris Abubakar to take urgent and proactive steps in disarming Fulani Herdsmen in the state and elsewhere so as to prevent total breakdown of law and order in the country.

Ukah, in an exclusive interview with Channels Television on Saturday 29/4/17, lamented youth uprising which led to the vandalization of the palace of a royal father and other properties in Abraka communities, adding that the federal government and the law enforcement agents are not doing enough to stop the broad daylight slaughtering of innocent farmers across the state.

“We shall continue to prevail on the federal government to do something very urgent because the situation is taking a different dimension.

“The state government will not encourage our people and the youths to take laws into their hands but it is obvious that the police and APC federal government have shown sufficient lukewarm attitude towards the arrest and prosecution of the Fulani Herdsmen who are regularly killing our men, raping women and defiling young girls in their farmlands after feeding their cattles with Cassava, Yams and other cash crops.

“This development is ridiculous and the state government is worried and concerned about the plight of our people and families affected by the criminal activities of Fulani Herdsmen.

“Yes, the State House of Assembly is currently working on a bill in respect of the criminal activities of Fulani Herdsmen in the state. I am very sure by the time the bill is passed, His Excellency the Governor of Delta State will not hesitate to sign it into law.

“We shall continue to appeal to our people not to take laws into their hands but the security agents and the Buhari administration must realise that they are foot dragging in this matter which is why some persons are now left with the option of reprisals resulting in the wanton destruction of properties as a way of venting their anger.”

It will be recalled that not too long ago a staff of the Delta State University was murdered in cold blood by the Fulani Herdsmen after they fed their cattles with the deceased cash crops in his farmland.

Some prominent Nigerians including Prof Wole Soyinka described the criminal activities of Fulani Herdsmen as “conquest mentality” and that the Herdsmen are systematically, gradually and forcefully acquiring land across the country by killing the owners of the properties. The federal government inaction is suspicious and points to rumours of islamization of Nigeria.

The Fulani Herdsmen criminal activities became extraordinary right from the very moment President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office as civilian president.

It is strongly believed that Mr President being a Fulani man is reluctant in exercising his powers as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, for not issuing executive order for the arrest, investigation and prosecution of the Herdsmen that have been committing serial murder and other heinous crimes with their assault rifles and other highly restricted and prohibited weapons.

Nigeria, is indeed, at a cross road.

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