Leicester City star Ahmed Musa has formally divorced his wife and mother of his two kids Jamila according to the man who mentored the former Kano Pillars forward during his formative years in Nigeria.

Musa was arrested last week by the police for allegedly beating up his wife, but he was later released with the police dropping all charges against him for lack of evidence after a brief interrogation.

However his divorce is not connected to the issue that lead to his arrest , as according to his mentor, they have been having family issues over his plans to marry another wife, as permitted by Islam.

” She returned to Nigeria last week, It’s over between them apparently some things are not meant to last forever. Their divorce is not connected to his arrest last week, they have been having issues for a while now “, he told Owngoalnigeria.com

” Musa wanted to marry another wife as permitted by his religion but his wife was vehemently against it. He truly loves her but, hence it wasn’t easy for him to ask her to leave but he was left with no choice but to divorce her”.

Ade Emmanuel

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