Charles Ogbu

There are two big lessons to be drawn from the triumphant Eagles outing last night and the uniformity with which yesterday’s Hero (Ahmed Musa) was celebrated by Nigerians of all region and religion.

Number 1 of the lessons is that ordinary Nigerians, from Zamfara to Enugu down to Oyo do not really hate each other. The fundamental problem of this country emanates from a Leadership Collective that sees Tribe where they are supposed to see or imagine a Nation and Religion where they are supposed to see humanity. That orgasmic sense of oneness Nigerians feel with every triumphant Super Eagles outing could actually be made permanent if ours wasn’t such a broken society presided over by a horde of conscienceless idiots with a mindset deeply rooted in discrimination, injustice and ethnic domination.

Number 2 lesson: Ndigbo do not really hate Nigeria neither do they NECESSARILY want to secede. It is the Nigerian state and her dark hearted rulers that have continued to demonstrate raw hate for the Igbos and engage in policies that seem to be screaming, ‘We Don’t Need You!’. Here is what informed my assertion :

Tonight Eagles hero, Ahmed Musa, is not Igbo. He is a Jos born Nigerian. His late father was a Muslim originally from Borno state while his mother is a Christian from Edo state. Yet, even before the end of the game, Igbos on social media adopted him and renamed him “Amadi ChiMUSAramokwu” (Ahmed Musa for short). They didn’t stop there ooo. They went further to design a campaign poster for him and even gave him a free Presidential ticket on the platform of APGA generally seen as Igbo party.

All for what?

For love of country!

This should tell every men of conscience that our problem with the daura born genocide President has nothing to do with his religion or region. We simply do not like the fact that he is running Nigeria the exact way Adolf Hitler ran Germany displaying hatred for people from a particular section and religion, carrying out ethnic cleansing and using the security agencies and Fulani Militia to kill the same citizens he was elected to protect while protecting the same terrorists he was elected to fight.

Remember, we had the late good man Umaru Musa Yar’adua from the same Islamic religion and Katsina state as Buhari, yet, almost everyone loved Yar’adua. But this President is just an unjust dark hearted ethno-religious bigot of the worst type.

As I type this, the Apo Legislative Quarter residence of the Igbo Voice in the red chamber, distinguished Senator Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe is still being ransacked by the DSS after the opposition Senator was arrested by the aforementioned Agency in a commando style 24 hours after revealing that the Buhari headed executive smuggled 30 billion naira power project fund into the 2018 budget after it was passed by the Senate power Committee which he (Abaribe) heads.

How can a people move forward with such an intolerant and divisive Dictator at the head???

National Patriotism runs in the blood of the Igbo man. Unfortunately, Nigeria has continued to make Patriotism almost impossible for the Igbo man. Ojukwu served in the army after graduating from the best school in the world back then. He even foiled the 1966 coup in Kano and provided the Northern leadership Collective coming back from a foreign trip on the day of the coup with security against the coup leaders wish. Yet, the country paid him back by visiting genocide on his people.

Ironsi promulgated a unification decree in his desperate bid to unite the country more and bring all the regions and her Civil service and security under one command. We know how his attempt at Patriotism ended for him.

Ours is not a fight against the Nigerian state. The Igbos do not necessarily need Biafra or a restructured Nigeria. We simply need a society that is rooted in justice, fairness, equity, respect for human right and most importantly, high regard for the sanctity of human lives. So far, Nigeria has woefully failed to provide us with these. This is the summary of the Igbo man’s problem with Nigeria. And this is the remote and immediate cause of the Biafra agitation.

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