Ezekiel Nya-Etok

In a curious way, it hardly bothers me that there is no money in my pocket, but, it never ceases to bother me when I go through the post on several of our social media platforms and read the posts from people that I personally know and direct better of.

Right from the days of Obong Victor Attah, there are always people that I should ordinarily regard as enlightened and responsible acting as though they, pardon me, suspended their brains while writing.

In contemporary times, those that are for Gov Udom have this morbid fear, (sorry, concern) that if anything good comes from Obong Nsima, it could pose a threat to the chances of, wait for this, RE-ELECTION of Gov Udom come 2019.
The very same is the case for those in support of Obong Nsima, where there must be absolutely nothing good about, acc from Gov Udom.

The consequence of the above is that the two sons that are placed in strategic positions to bring good to our dear state are constantly being insulted, maligned, distracted, and sometimes frustrated. The end result is low or underperformance, and guess who loses?! Very sad.

These people -that can easily be referred to as sycophants-, are ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the of political ’80-20 rule’ that states that 80% of the workers for politics hardly constitute 20% of the ‘choppers’!.

Sadly, they call it “politics”. I call it FOOLISHNESS.

No right thinking person will smite his nose to spite his face, NONE!
Wait a minute, 2019, right?

About this time last dispensation were we not brandishing all manner of permutations and combinations of who our next governor would be? If my memory fails me not, was Udom Emmanuel a factor in that equation? Just when did we usurp from God the right to appoint as He pleases? Udom,Nsima, Umana, Total Chair, Nya-Etok, Udofia, Udoudo Udo Usoro, or even Lady Viccy, or Eka Inwang, as our governor come, 2019, GOD KNOWETH!!!

Bottom line, lets support Obong Nsima Ekere to be the best MD NDDC ever had, and Gov Emmanuel Udom to surpass the performance of any past governor.

Let’s pray for, and support Obong Umana to hit the national limelight with superlative performance to the end that the national mantra will be that Akwa Ibom sons and daughters can be trusted with national assignments. This will have a positive impact on you tomorrow.

Let’s get off this little mind concept of thinking that the failure of one brightens the prospects of another. It’s a thot pattern that we have imbibed for too long, and it is so wrong!
Think of this, if we had five candle sticks that were lit and four were put out, the remaining candle suddenly APPEARS to be brighter. In reality, the illumination of the remaining candle is NOT brighter. On the contrary, the room or space has become darker and less illuminated.

Let Obong Attah shine among the elders of the country. Let Obong Akpabio shine in the national political space. Let Obong Nsima and Obong Umana shine on their national duty posts. Let Gov Udom shine with superior performance. Let Arc Nya-Etok shine on the national stakeholders platform, let Udoudo Udo Usoro (who’s that?) shine in his assigned corner.

THEN, when the time comes for seeking offices come, let Competence, Capability, Capacity, Excellence, Character, and the ultimate will of God decide.

Don’t sow what you will not like to reap. Don’t do to others what you will not wish other do unto you.

What a man is in the habit of sowing is what he will ultimately reap. Don’t mortgage your future on the alter of ignorance, or of short sightedness.
Think BIG, think TOMORROW, think a better FUTURE,

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