The stories of how the incumbent Government of Dr Willie Obiano undeveloped and undermined the local Government system will gradually come to fore, but we are grateful that the revelations is foremost coming from within his new team.

Imagine what happened in Onitsha North LGA recently where the newly appointed TC Chairman resumed office with ‘frelance slapping’ of people and showing executive rascality by asking the civil defense men to throw out an elderly onitsha indigene out of the council complex for wanting to smoke a cigarette,.

That’s not the issue, the new TC chairman- a trader turned politician named Patrick Aghamba openly declared that he met an empty treasury on the day of his inauguration as if he doesn’t know that the LG treasury is under the lock and key of his principal

Just as the people were still trying to decipher why he indicted Obiano indirectly by declaring that he met an empty Treasury, he is already talking tough and threatening to drag the former elected Chairman Barr. D.N Egbuna to court for taking charge of Local Government Revenue.

Like father, like son, instead of continuing and consolidating on the few initiatives of his predecessors, he is already at the concluding stage of ‘flying over’ what he met on ground.

The mini bus Transport initiative christened ‘Osite Buscar’ initiated by his predecessor which is still operational has been threatened to be suspended or renamed to ‘Patty Biggs’ – the business name of the month old TC chairman.

Just within a month of his appointment, we have a full basket harvest of undisciplined altitudes from the T.C Chairman abi na Liason chairman of Onitsha North LGA.

There is an uneasy calm with inaudible murmurings especially among the new appointees majority of whom are already becoming dissapointed as expected, because as I wrote in one of my articles, they have assumed the role of errand boys, no statutory responsibilities, no funds, no direction or goal and I dare add no hope of carrying out any vision of their own.

While, they may not have received their first salary, I bet they must have spent their savings fueling their long white bus to and fro Awka almost on daily basis.

Mazi Chidi Orjika
Ukpor, Anambra State

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