Eneh John

“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example”-anonymous
It was William Burroughs who posited that, “we must all face the fact that our leaders are certifiably insane or worse.”

Since your advent to the Akwa Ibom state house of Assembly, you have either stopped taking your calls, or made yourself unreachable to the people who stood under the scorching sun, in the name of elections, to vote for you, which enabled you find yourself in the house of assembly today.

Can David Lawrence recollect the power play that took place at mobile base, Idoro road, during the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries, where you squared up with the former house member, Ayang, who was equally a dullard like you have made yourself today?

May history not forgive you, if you continue with your non-representation, and ineffectiveness which the people of Eket constituency continue to feel with your presence in the House of Assembly.

While your colleagues in the Assembly organizes constituency briefing, award of scholarships and empowerment programmes in their constituencies, your likes continue to wallow and lay wasted in the house, without nothing to show for as a project.

The only thing that matters to you is how you can cling on power, and continue to impoverish the populace who brought you to power, with their mandate which you hold in trust.

People like David Lawrence have no place in the political history of Eket, with their anti-people’s stance.

The only project I can point to, which you woefully failed to achieve, was your unalloyed support to the wicked and devilish property charge bill, which you and your selfish and self serving colleagues in the house wanted to foist on the Akwa Ibom people, and before your very eyes, failed like a pack of card.

May I remind you David Lawrence, that you owe Eket people as a duty, to brief them on your wasted sojourn to the house of assembly, almost two years as their representative.

I recollect that, when you declared your interest to go to the house of Assembly, many stuck out their neck for you, work assiduously to ensure you were elected.

Today, you have abandoned the very people on whose back you rode to power, and have declared yourself a thin god before your constituents.

May I also bring to your notice that power is transient, and he who must go to equity must go with clean hands. It is my belief, that you do not have any ambition of returning to the Akwa Ibom State house of assembly, as Eket people will give you no such opportunity to keep representing your pocket.
Your present elevation to the position of Deputy Chief Whip in the house of Assembly, is a rape on democracy, because, positions are gotten on merit, but yours was on the basis of ineffectiveness.

I was not in any way surprised because, the present Akwa Ibom state house of Assembly, as presently constituted, has lived below expectations, reasons why non-performing members like you will become a principal officer of the Assembly.

This memo is a charge to you, to reorder your steps, and understand that, you owe us the duty of effective representation in the house.

We await your constituency briefing, that is, if it will ever come.

There is life after office, be wise, and not be one whose memory will be wiped off after your tenure.

Everteribus veritas, the truth is forever.


Eneh John is an Investigative Journalist and Human Rights Activist.
Editor-in-Chief, www.trailreporters.com

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