Eneh John

“In times of moral crises, silence is a sin” –Martin Luther king jnr
I am not a conventional person or a typical Nigerian that engages in praise singing or boot licking, mine is to tell you to your face, and push the truth down your throat, where men fear to shove.
Mr. Nelson Effiong, you will agree with me that from your emergence into the Nigerian senate, I had welcome you with a letter, detailing the anger in Eket senatorial district against your person, on the basis of non-performance.

I am not a member of your party, so this memo has no political affiliation. While the gullible and those who were silent on your docility in the senate went to the cyber space to pour tantrums at you for decamping from the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) to the All Progressives Party(APC), I kept mute about the various media attacks you encountered, because, I knew that the sky is too big to start struggling for a space with those who saw that you never did anything in the senate, but kept quiet or were too afraid with blind loyalty to speak up because you were hitherto their party man.

I had previously brought to the notice of the public, how you said Saraki did not allow you speak in the senate, because you were a first timer. Few days after that report, you spoke for the first time in the Nigerian senate, which was covered by Nigerian Television Authority, (NTA).

May I remind you Mr. Senator, that among the persons that ever represented my senatorial district, you are the weakest of all.

Eket senatorial district has always provided the best hands for the senate position, as seen in Senator Udoma, Ekaette Ufot, Helen Esuene.

There is nothing in the entire senatorial district, which can be pointed at, as your handiwork.
The man, Godswill Akpabio, on whose back you rode to the senate, last week, organized an empowerment programme for Ikot Ekpene senatorial district, where lots of persons felt the impact of his representation.
As it stance, I wonder if you even represent your family in the senate, as there is no testament of anyone from your family, which you have touched.

You have become an Abuja based politician, where you made yourself unreachable. It is a pity that while in PDP, your laziness in the senate is the same as you being in the APC. Would it not be better you didn’t have a party to belong to?
It is a pity and quite unfortunate that the All Progressives Congress accepted you into their party, with testimonies of your non-performance in the senate.

By decamping to the APC, it was not a guarantee that the media attacks on you will end, as I had forewarned you to perform, or face bashing on your docile nature in the senate.
Almost two years into the senate, you have only represented your pockets and your pot belly. As all the local government areas in Eket Senatorial district have unanimously agreed that, they have no senator, as our senate slot remains vacant.

It would have been much better, if the Anambra debacle, which played out, where they do not have representatives in the senate, due to court judgments, had happened to our senatorial district.
We are aware that, with this your docility, you have carefully planned your political retirement, as no you have no place in the history of Eket senatorial district.

You sensed the handwriting on the wall, that your erstwhile party had prepared a successor for you ahead of 2019, which caused your defection.
The APC with its federal might, is not a sure bait for you winning, as it will be so stupid of the party to even consider you as a flag bearer, when they already know that you will not only lose, but you will fail embarrassingly.

It will be against my norm, if I fail to speak for myself and the people of Eket Senatorial district, upon whose confidence has been reposed on me in the media profession.
The remaining part of your senate life is not too late for you to touch the lives of people, even though you won’t return to the senate.

The poorly attended stage managed APC rally, was a pointer to how far you have been rejected, even in your village.
If you have never heard the truth from a detribalized Nigerian, or a non-political Nigerian, accept this as the raw fact, that even God is angry with you, for not doing even the least thing as a bore hole for the people of our district.

In few, months from now, this memo will suffice, it will serve as a reminder to why you should have woken to heed to the clarion call to perform.
I hold nothing against you, but I hold everything against your docility, weakness and your laziness in the 8th senate.

Eneh John is an Investigative Journalist and Human Rights Activist.
Editor-in-Chief, www.trailreporters.com

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