Ekiti State Born Olayinka Beyonce Omotoyinbo, has disclosed her love for modeling and acting, which is what is driving her passion.

I have a passion for modeling, because that is what I love. As a child, I have seen top models, like Celine Dion, Beyonce, and top celebrities, who do brand endorsements, and they make money.

I strongly believe that as a kid, I could grow in the modeling industry, and become a sort after brand for corporate organizations and an Ambassador to any company, projecting their image, in positive ways.

Aside my schooling, which is primary, because without acquiring education, no company will be to identify with you, or bargain with you in the best way possible, or to an agreed term.

I can develop a career in modeling, and be at my best. At a young age of five, I can define so much, due to my level of exposure, Olayinka said.

Corporate organizations can go into endorsements with kids. Let them also use kids to showcase their products, so we can use the money to fund our education. There are too many concerns about adult modeling or endorsements. We should be given a chance too, Olayinka stated.

Every kid grows with a passion for something. When you are a kid, and you are able to identify your talent or your passion, develop it, or talk to someone about it, who will help your dreams come to fruition.

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