Samuel Ajayi

“…I noticed that these leaders (Shagari and Sultan Maccido) did not realise the danger we were in as a nation, that there was a chance, albeit very small, that Obasanjo could succeed in getting his ‘third term’ because many legislators and politicians were easily swayed by money. That’s why the president’s third term team spent a lot of time raising huge amounts of money, more than $300million, by Nuhu Ribadu’s informed estimate…”

“…Shagari and the Sultan of course said yes, they saw the point of engaging Obasanjo but reaffirmed they would not be part of anything that enabled him to get a third term.”

El-Rufai wrote as he met with General Buhari:

“I am here because I had a conversation with President Obasanjo and he said you have not been talking.”

“Minister, if you are here to talk me into supporting Obasanjo’s third term ambition, you are wasting your time,” General Buhari said.

“No, I am not here to talk about third term sir.”

And Buhari relaxed.

“OK, but he sent you to me? ”

“Yes. He said the two of you have not spoken for two to three years.”

“When his wife died, I sent him my condolences.”

“Yes but you have not spoken with him.”

“Well, what does he want to talk about?”

“I do not know but you two should be talking. You are a former president, he is the current president. You were his petroleum minister. You were very close, enjoyed mutual respect. You should be talking.”

“OK, true. One day I will talk to him.”

“No, you should talk to him now.”

“Well, let me think about it,” Buhari said.

– Culled from The Accidental Public Servant by Nasir el-Rufai, pp: 334-336.

Woke up around 2:30am (and knowing I won’t be able to sleep again) and decided to read and the first book my hand went for was this book. Though I have read it before, I just opened to these pages and started reading.

First, Obasanjo who was the cheer leader of Jonathan-is-a-thief orchestra raised $300m to prosecute third term. That was not corruption. This lying old man still denies third term agenda till tomorrow, saying others and not himself, were behind it.

When he was done with Jonathan, he became the chief navigator of APC, a party supposedly peopled by men and women who once loathed him, including their leaders, Buhari and Tinubu, who (Bulgari) was not on speaking terms with him for three years.

And he and Buhari started talking again and became his “chief marketer” with the international community.

Now, I learnt he is already shopping for another candidate going around with his political poisoned charlice. He was in Minna recently.

This man is 80, at least officially. Can’t he just “excuse” us so we can run our political lives? Too bad that no one born after 1960 has ever ruled this country. Yet, an 80 year-old man just insists on being the decider of our political destiny. And some people will keep running to him!

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