For days now, our Parents, Brothers and Sisters has been subjected to untold hardship, pains and some even died as the result of an unsettled fight that has been going on for decades.

I May not really know why a fellow human should take another beings life just because of material or earthly things, I discourage this devilish act.
Let the killings stop.

At this point, I call on Our dear Governor, Legislature, and Security Agencies to swing into action ways to possibly restore peace in that Area.

The Governor of Cross Rivers State should call his subjects to order and pronounce an end to this fight once and for all, in fact the two States Government should join heads together to restore the needful.

Going to the scene of the incident or talking on the media is not the solution, we need actions to be taken, relief materials should be sent to the affected, the Federal Government should not be left behind, I know that our President is Very sick, recollect that, I had earlier advised him to resign that God has rejected him, The Vice President and other NGOs should please do something in supporting them.

As a Church we are committed to prayer as such i have declared 3 Days fasting and prayers to that effect, I also call on other religious leaders to follow same.

While I advocate for us to be law abiding, I also call on the Government to act fast because if this continues, i wouldn’t mind taking up my whole Armor.

We love Akwa Ibom State
We love Nigeria
God bless Nigeria

Rev Richard Peters
Parish Priest,
ST PAUL’S Paris,

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