The federal university of technology Yola (FUTY), yesterday Sunday 4th February came burning as students clashed which left at least a student dead, while scores were injured. It all started on Sunday morning as Christian students went to their respective fellowships to have their Sunday service, just as they were inside the different lecture halls which host their Sunday service, it was reported that they came under attack as some youths with different weapons were seen storming their fellowship centre and hitting them causing mayhem, it was reported by some students who for security reasons prefers to be anonymous that they could identify the armed students.

The whole scenario as gathered has it that, it all began when the student union of the school had their recent election which saw all the major positions been swept by Christian students, only but one position went to the Muslim students. This however became an issue as both the executive elect and aspirants who lost the election were at logger head with each other. Information gathered from the students has it that the attack was a way of showing their grievance over the election.

Notwithstanding another version of information gathered also has it as alleged, that some Muslim students felt their counterparts from the other religion (Christians) blasphemed and went all out to punish the offenders and their accomplices, thereby taking laws into their hands.

However the official report from the Adamawa State police commissioner has a different account of what happened, in his official statement released this morning Monday February 6th, reports that the mayhem was caused by unserious students who wanted the school exams which was originally scheduled to begin today Monday 6th, postponed and as so went on to cause a major distraction in the school, that has in return disrupted the earlier scheduled exams.

The police report also differs from the official statement issued by the school through it’s Dean of Students Affairs, who gave the school account of the whole incident to be a fall out, and a notorious face-off between some defiant students who clashed outside only to bring it into the school promises.

The question on the lips of most people, resulting from the two statements emanating from the different authorities, is how come only Christians students were the most hit?, and how come the only four lecture theatres affected were the ones used by the Christian students?. These and many more questions keep coming to the mind of most people, even in the face of on going investigation. Meanwhile the the School Senate has shut down the school indefinitely.

The writer is a columnist who writes from Yola.
Victor Adaha
Public Affairs Analyst

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