Anayo Nwosu

My spirit bears witness that our beloved president has been healed through the prayers of well meaning Nigerians in the mosques and churches especially in the North.

The Yorubas are obviously not praying for Buhari but for whatever they refer to as “the will of God”. I can guess what they mean.

God has shamed Nnamdi Kanu and his brothers who see themselves on the brink of the Red Sea and have been calling on the God of Moses to make an escape route for them. They regard Nigeria as Egypt and the Nigerian ruler as Pharoah.

Orji Kanu, Aisha the president’s wife and the Ag. President Osinbajo after seeing our president separately had adjudged him cured.

Having been cured and is now recuperating, our dear president should be disregard whatever contrary advice of his so called British doctors and return home to shame FFK, Fayose and their ilk.

I suspect that the British doctors are just prolonging our president’s stay in their country to earn more money from medical bills.

Many doctors and lawyers are fond of this malpractice for personal gain while pretending to be ethical.

If judges in Nigeria and elsewhere could be dishonest, therefore any professional even in England could act dishonestly out of greed.

Was it not in that UK that a doctor removed a wrong organ during a surgery never minding that the culprit was a Nigerian?

Was it not how a supposed highly recommended surgeon mismanaged Mrs Stella Obasanjo in Spain?

Devil is a liar!

President Buhari should remember that he was elected by Nigerians not by British doctors.

It was to us, Nigerians that our darling president made promises to during the elections and never to the British.

From the assurance of Prof. Osinbajo, I think that president can do the recuperation in Aso Rock or in the well-equipped Aso Rock Clinic his government has made word class.

Since the healing of our president has been confirmed by Pastor Osinbajo, the people of God should now direct their prayers to other very sick elderly Nigerians in all the Nigerian hospitals and who are being managed by Nigerian doctors who are not considered good or equipped enough to treat our politicians.

God is good! All the time!

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