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The identity of the thug hired by an acclaimed prophet in Uyo, Nsikanabasi Ese, to molest his own wife right in the premises of the church – Kairos Rhema Embassy – has been uncovered.

Victor Sporadic (the ‘Sporadic’ here is sure not his real name), a notorious thug in Eket, was hired for a fee by the General Overseer (G.O) of Kairos Rhema Embassy, Bassey Esau Street, off Aka Itiam, Uyo, to beat the wife, Mrs. Idongesit Ese, and chase her out from the church premises on Wednesday.

Prophet Ese’s action, we gathered, was predicated on the fear that his wife was coming to the church to blow open the amorous relationship he has been having with a female church member, one Evelyn Etim, who was caught in the hotel room with the prophet.

The incident, which attracted policemen, Journalists, and a crowd of onlookers, occurred around 12 noon while the church was running a “special emergency deliverance meeting” tagged “One of Us Is In Trouble.”

Pastor Rufus Willie, the G.O of Living Fire Ministries, who was a guest pastor, stood in for Prophet Ese whom we learned was smuggled out from the church when the commotion outside was getting intense.

The alleged hired thug, Victor Sporadic, stood outside the church gate, smoking what looked like Indian hemp and was armed with a sword.

“Hey, I have instruction not to let you in,” he shouted at the prophet’s wife, as she made attempt to walk in through the gate.

“If you don’t disappear immediately from here, you’ll have yourself to blame,” the thug said, and then slapped the woman and pushed her away into the road.

They were said to be numbering about 15 thugs who formed themselves into a human wall and barricaded the entrance of the Kairos Rhema Embassy. Some of the church goers were turned back from entering the premises.

Some Journalists who came in their official bus were also attacked.

The scene became riotous until some policemen arrived.

Recollect that, Prophet Nsikanabasi Ese was caught by his wife a few months ago in a hotel room in Uyo with a female church member, Evelyn Etim.  In an attempt to escape from the scandalous scene, he manhandled the wife and ran over her with an SUV.

From the information gathered on the thug, Victor Sporadic, he used to spend most of his days in night clubs in Eket, living off on other club goers. “There’s no way you won’t take notice of Victor in the club because he will always come begging you for money,” one youth leader in Eket says of the thug.

Alleged thug

Victor relocated to Uyo late last year to seek for new opportunities when it became clear that his notoriety would put him into trouble, said those who know him.  

Efforts to speak with the Prophet were unsuccessful as at press time.

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