In his memo, founder of Apples, Steve Jobs said, Tim Cook is the guy that has gone through the organization and is prepared for leadership.

When Steve Jobs presented Tim Cook at the board meeting, he was unanimously voted as the next man to lead apples after its founder.

Tim Cook had worked in several departments in Apples, preparing himself for leadership. In the corporate world, leadership goes through processes, and once the man in charge leaves, there’s always no succession battle, as the next man assumes the leadership position.

Even in Zenith Bank where the Governor came from, he was the fifth man according to ranking research on Zenith Bank, and others have their rankings too.

The over reliance on God giving us a successor will do us no good, as God will not come down to annoint the next Governor in 2023.

God cannot be ambushed, as everyone keeps professing on waiting God in matters where knowledge could come to play.

What I think the Governor should do, is to look within his Executive Members, and ask them to suggest someone and a voting process should take place within them.

The Governor should take a step further to meet with Elders of different senatorial districts in the State separately according to their district, and ask them to make a suggestion and there should be a voting process for the suggested persons.

The youth and women should also be consulted by the Governor, to also make suggestions and vote.

With this, Governor Udom Emmanuel will understand where the people wants the pendulum to swing.

No King has ever named a successor alone. The King have his trusted allies, let him also ask them to make suggestions and vote. Governor Udom Emmanuel should correct whatever mistakes former Governor Akpabio did in anyway, during his eight year term.

The succession legacy will be applauded and sustained based on how the Governor goes about it.

Akwa Ibom State needs someone who will leverage on the legacies of Governor Udom Emmanuel, while consolidating on the gains of this administration.

We do not need a Governor who will learn on the job, because for every minute spent to learn on the job, it is a lost productivity time for the state.

Let Governor Udom Emmanuel sustain his legacies and name a Tim Cook for Akwa Ibom State.


Eneh John is a Journalist and Communication Scholar.

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