The Untold Story of Enugu State LG Administration. Nsukka LG in Focus: (1)

It is written, no Nation can boast of excellent performance within the public sector at grass root if a large percentage of her rural inhabitants are facing uncontrollable abject poverty, needs/wants, socioeconomic dilemma and basic social amenities.

No doubt, local governments are created with the ultimate goal of bringing government closer to the people at the grassroots. And in Nigeria, the local government reforms aimed both to accelerate development and to enable the local population participate and hold those in power accountable for their governance roles; what happens when an elected chairman of a local government shows uncontrollable gross incompetence and total lack of administrative acumen? One will be forced to ask how did we get here with these people?

Since the 1950s, when the federal system came into operation in Nigeria, local government administration has received considerable attention especially on their efficiency and selection/election of local government leaders. Most of the leaders happened to be opportunists, with no knowledge of governance nor qualified to manage a local government and the first place to point is Nsukka Local government. What will you say to a local government chairman who is just balkernizing government properties like a butcher who is sharing festive meat at the village square; no regards to ethics or rule of law. Anyone who is familiar with the land grabbing activities going on in Nsukka will no doubt tell you more about it.

It will be interesting to note that the local government leaders of Nsukka are busy selling local government premises to few private individuals of which it has become difficult to differentiate between residential buildings and local government buildings within the local government premises as they keep on balkernizing the very little government premises in Nsukka and nobody is saying anything. This has proven the lack of vision in leaders in Nsukka local government for so many years now, perpetuated by same circle of leaders.

Does it mean that those who were at the Hem of affairs before the Democratic era where foolish to have secured such space of land within the local government for government infrastructures? The worst is that none of this land is sold to build even a small industry. I can’t imagine how the local government will work with the distraction from the nearby private buildings all over the place. How about sensitive government infrastructures that demand absolute privacy and security.

It is shameful that the situation in Nsukka has gotten to a point that, if you are not familiar with the environment, one will end up knocking at private houses while searching for the office of one ministry or the other in the local government. Also those buying lands inside Nsukka local government premises should be warned because, if not today, tomorrow they will dance the music arising from such shameful and despicable act. It does not matter how the state government is backing this wickedness going in Nsukka now.

Finally, let the LAND of Nsukka ASADU hear my voice oooooh. the stealing of local government land within the premises should stop!!

Nsukka being one of the oldest local government in Nigeria with the almighty UNN in the town deserves better but the reverse is the case. Who did this to ndi Nsukka?!!. Nsukka suppose to be the pride of Enugu State but its present state as executed by the self acclaimed leaders is nothing to take pride in.

I think it’s very important now than ever, we begin to ask questions on how some people emerged into power and who brought them because the infamy committed by this administration will remain a focus of international and domestic policy discussions for decades to come. For a long time now, a lot of despicable acts of infamy has been going on in Nsukka where elected officials have become so incompetent, unresponsive and with endemic corruption. This incmpetence, ineptitude, lack of accountability is now dangerous with long lasting effect if not checked.

Omeje Nnamdi, a public commentator writes from Nsukka, Enugu State.

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