UBA Can’t Find $111 Transferred to Customer’s Account From Payoneer

Daniel Ojukwu

Receiving foreign currency into a Nigerian domiciliary account should be hassle-free and convenient, or so Mary Oladunjoye thought.

As a Nigerian writer with foreign clients, Oladunjoye often receives her payments in dollars via Payoneer, an American financial services company, and sends them to her United Bank for Africa (UBA) account.

In a similar fashion, she was paid $111 in early March. She transferred it to her UBA account on March 11, but the money never arrived.

Speaking with FIJ, she said, “I withdrew $111 from Payoneer to my UBA domiciliary account on the evening of March 11 but never got it.

“I complained to Payoneer’s customer care, and they told me that they checked my database and could confirm that the money had been successfully sent.

“They gave me a confirmation-of-transfer slip to submit to the bank. When I took this slip to the bank, UBA told me the money was not with them.”

Oladunjoye told FIJ that she went to the bank in late March but there was no resolution.

FIJ called Ramon Nasir, UBA spokesperson, on April 4, but he asked that we mail him. FIJ sent a mail hours later, and on April 5, the bank said they would look into the matter in 48 working hours.

On Monday evening, UBA said they could not trace the money as they never received it.


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