Aniekan Ekpo and Michael Matthew

The Breaking News is that Akwa Ibom, the land of our birth is in a grand deception. We keep fragmenting our polity on the monstrous paucity of ethnicity.

Good governance does not understand ibibio, annang or oro.
Don’t excuse your clueless and blurred leadership on the corridors of dubious endorsement by the 4th largest ethnic configuration – ibibios.

The salvation of our state – Akwa Ibom is the common business of us all. In the famous succinct, but paraphrased of Thomas Paine” these are the times that try men’s souls. The labours of our heroes past who were the merchants of light in the likes of Sir Justice Udo Udoma, Bassey Adiaha Attah, Eyo Uyo, Ibanga Akpabio , Udonkim, Umoren, Nyong Essien, Sampson Udoidiong and co. were not triumph on the altar of fake and staged – managed wholesome acceptance. It came out of genuine,consistent and lawfully pursued , with zeal, patience and commitment. The realistic zeal for the socio political, economic and financial emancipation of our people – Akwa Ibom State was objective.

Poor leadership like hell, no matter how juicy the consolation, can never equate the triumph of visionary and articulate delivery of dividends of democracy. In over 2 years as a governor, no people friendly project(s) can readily be identified in your government.

We cannot justify the merits of today’s celebration without some knowledge of the metaphysics of the people which is indispensable for an understanding of the traditional institutions and their philosophy. Many of these institutions and much of the philosophy in them were ( and still are ) deeply entrenched in the people’s metaphysics ; vis a vis people’s belief system……which dwells on super sensibility inhabited by a Supreme being – God.

The petitions, prayers, sacrifices, offerings and devotions are addressed and directed to God. Therefore, all venerations of the people on bad governance are all unto him. Better LEADERSHIP have too much force than too little congregations in the name of GRAND DECEPTION ” for a clueless governor. Let’s have a RETHINK.

There is nothing wrong in a civic reception for a leader who has put down a legacy. The heart that feels not the clueless qualities of Udom Emmanuel is dead. What will he be remembered for ? The toothpick factory ? Oh ! Or the Armoured Tank Factory that died as soon as the ground breaking ? Or The Peacock Factory whose products are not seen in the markets but only on billboards ? Or The infamous Akwa Prime Hatchery & Poultry Ltd ?

Spare a moment to reflect on all the profligacy of this failed government and justify without timidity. Ultimate results emanates from teamwork just like the football game and for Akwa ESOP Imaisong ( an umbrella sociocultural group of Ibibio) to be continually celebrating ” an ineffective leader daggers the sacrifices of the founding fathers and drips history with blood. The deed of one visionary leader in Akwa Ibom lives forever in the canals of history. Why celebrate a man who has rendered sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom jobless through his exclusive patronage of Zenith Bank plc at the detriment of others. Imposition kills party, kills happiness, kills democracy.

There are fickle men with dead souls who can sell their mother for peanuts. They are afraid to stand for the truth and tell Mr. Udom Emmanuel what should be told……even if he offends them. Even those who have something to hoot about are scared stiff and shrinking ; they only gossip in undertones.

Why shouldn’t we drag the attention of the indigenes ,if there be in us a true force of character towards the general good of Akwa Ibom State ?????

Why shouldn’t we do that to liberate and please our oppressed, suppressed,depressed, and distressed sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom in the midst of being the highest revenue allocation earner in Nigeria.

The arise to the fate of greatness” Dakkaada” fuss is all about fraud. A French writer noted that ” more men are guilty of treachery through weakness than any studied design to betray” why can’t Akwa Ibom men strengthen themselves against temptation for crumps and demonstrate that its self discipline that proofs their mettle beyond ethnic boundaries.

The setting ablaze of a rebranded 2007 Sonata Hyundai saloon car with Dakkaada leprous logo by aggrieved youth over the failed government of Udom Emmanuel lays credence to the cries of the people over the insensitivity of his government. There is so much hunger in the land , but yet everything about him is window dressing
What really are we celebrating…….? Only time go open fowl yash.

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